Zootopia 2 – Are you ready?

Released at the beginning of 2016, Disney’s animated comedy-adventure film “Zootopia” eventually turned out to be a surprising hit of the year. Bearing this in mind, we assume fans are getting impatient to find out if there will be Zootopia sequel and, if so, whether the main characters Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps will become more than friends. If you are among those that want to hear the answer to this question, we have some good news for you. Byron Howard and Rich Moore, the movie directors, talked about “Zootopia 2” at the 2017 Golden Globes and they mentioned that there is enough material to make a sequel.


Before talking about the sequel, Howard first explained how they had made the original Zootopia movie. Their initial idea was to deliver an anthropomorphic film, such as the classic “Robin Hood.” However, Disney wanted them to create a movie which would include animals “like no one has ever seen.” Thus, they decided even to take a trip to the Africa as a part of their two-year research, in order to understand how predators and prey species coexist.


But, the most important point of their preparation for the movie was when they realized that it would provide them with the unique opportunity to discuss fear and death. Here’s how Howard described this: “Our producer, Clark Spencer, reminded us that The Lion King gave parents and children a wonderful opportunity to talk about death. And I remember being shocked when seeing Bambi’s mother die. It was a huge wake-up call when seeing it as a kid.” Furthermore, he explained that eventually they also tackled the issue of “discrimination and racism and the damage that does to our society. The fact that animation allows people to let go of the barriers that we see with just watching humans on screen. It helped them see themselves in Nick or Judy and understand their flaws and how to deal with them” the director concluded.

“Zootopia 2” New Ideas

What Rich Moore and Byron Howard are primarily concerned about when it comes to the sequel is whether it will be worthy enough. They seem rather excited about the project, as Moore said: “From our end, it’s a great world to play in with a wonderful set of characters, and I can’t see why we wouldn’t jump back into that world.”

As we have already mentioned, it seems that there is one question that will have to receive special attention – the relationship between Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde. The directors themselves are still not sure what they are going to do about it. “It’s so weird because half the fans are like, ‘We love WildeHopps, and they need to get together and get married,’ and then there’s this other side that’s like, ‘No! They should not get together. Do male and female characters always have to get together at the end of every movie? Can’t they just stay best friends?’” Moore said.

All things considered, it looks like all the options are still being kept open for now. It’s also too early to talk about the movie release date, but we promise to keep you updated.

Source: www.rottentomatoes.com

Zootopia CAST:

Jason Bateman as Nick Wilde (The main protagonist)
Grey DeLisle as Nick Wilde (age 5)
Jason Lee as Nick Wilde (age 11)
Josh Green as Nick Wilde (age 12)
Liam Hemsworth as Nick Wilde (age 13)
Chris Hemsworth as Nick Wilde (age 14)
Ginnifer Goodwin as Judy Hopps (The deuteragonist)
Mike Myers as Tadashi Gorki (Upcoming secondary deuteragonist, early villain)
Shawn Ashmore as Ferb Dogfalusi (Upcoming main antagonist)
Jake T. Austin as Joe Catboy (Upcoming main tritagonist)
Rami Malek as Tucker Wilde, Nick’s older brother (Upcoming secondary tritagonist)
Vivianne Jolie Pitt as Tucker Wilde (age 10)
Eric Bauza as Tucker Wilde (age 16-19)
Jenny Slate as Bellwether (The secondary antagonist)
Raymons S. Persi as Flash
Tommy “Tiny” Lister as Finnick
Nate Torrence as Clawhauser
Idris Elba as Chief Bogo
James Franco as Lou Coyote (Upcoming antagonist #3)
Josh Server as Wendell Gorilla (Upcoming antagonist #4)
Don Lake as Stu Hopps
Bonnie Hunt as Bonnie Hopps
Shelley Morrison as Mrs. Wilde, the Nick’s mom
Maurice LaMarche as Mr. Big and Wallace Jame
Craig Anton as Koslov and Joe’s Dad
Lauren Holly as Joe’s Mom
Rich Moore as Larry
David Thibodeau as Gary
J. K. Simmons as Leodore Lionheart
Frankie Muniz as Shaggy Molestone, the shoe seller
Sting as Golden M. Barker, a golden retriever
Natalie Dormer as Layla, Tadashi’s deceased wife and Gabby’s mother who is a mastiff.
Emma Roberts as Gabby, Tadashi’s deceased daughter who is a black german shepherd, but she’s found alive by Judy after she is seen being carried out by Judy and taken by medic.
Alan Tudyk as Duke Weaselton, Tadashi’s formerly minion, Unknown upcoming character
Dennis Bateman as Travis, a black-footed ferret, Unknown upcoming character
John Patrick Lowrie as The Judge, Unknown upcoming character
Fred Stoller as Woodchuck Boy (Adult), Unknown upcoming character
Matthew Ewald as Unknown upcoming character
Jeff “Swampy” Marsh as Unknown upcoming character
Tara Strong as Unknown upcoming character
Eric Bauza as Unknown upcoming character
Cast (uncredited)

Dennis Bateman as Mr. Wilde.
Maurice LaMarche as Tadashi’s father
Shakira as Gazelle

Source: www.rottentomatoes.com

Zootopia : Movie Info

Zootopia is a city like you have never seen before. The mammal metropolis which consists of an upmarket neighborhood like Sahara Square and chilly Tundratown is a bubbling volcano of life where animals from every habitat live one with another, from the biggest Polar Bears to the smallest of ants. When a rookie police officer Judy Hopps (voiced by Ginnifer Goodwin) joins the police ranks she discovers that being the first bunny in the police department is not an easy feat. Especially because she is surrounded by large and vigorous animals. To prove herself to her parents, friends, and colleagues she doesn’t shy away from joining forces with swift-talking hustler Nick Wild ( voice of Jason Bateman), who is, by the way, a fox, to solve a mystery case. Zootopia is a comedy-adventure which originated in Walter Disney Animation Studios and was directed by Byron Howard (Bolt, Tangled) and Rich Moore (Wreck-It-Ralph, The Simpsons) and co-directed by Jared Bush (Penn Zero: Part Time Hero). The movie opened in theaters on March 4 of 2016.

Rating: PG (for some thematic elements, rude humor and action)
Genre: Action & Adventure, Animation, Comedy
Directed By: Byron Howard, Rich Moore, Jared Bush
Written By: Jared Bush, Phil Johnston
In Theaters: Mar 4, 2016 wide
On DVD: Jun 7, 2016
Box Office: $341,264,012.00
Runtime: 108 minutes

Studio: Walt Disney Animation Studios

Zootopia Official US Trailer #2

Zootopia US Teaser Trailer

Zootopia Official Sloth Trailer (2016) – Disney Animated Movie HD

Zootopia – Review

In the past, animated movies were targeting children as their audience, but that has changed in recent years. Nowadays, most fantasy films contain a political message or talk about the problems in a country or the world. Zootopia is a movie both kids and adults can watch, and it is a tale about a city where predators and prey live together in harmony.

The message of the film is inconsistent and if you think about it is in contradiction to the light and entertaining spirit of the film. Zootopia is about discrimination, and it tells us how discriminating against someone is wrong, but stereotypes are there for a reason, and everyone fights against them, but it takes patience to overcome stereotypes.


Bunny Hopes, voiced by Ginnifer Goodwin, is a rabbit from a small town and her dream is to become a cop. However, it is hard for her because usually large herbivores and predators join the police forces and there has never been a rabbit in the service. For example, a water buffalo, who is called Chief Bogo, voiced by Idris Elba is a police chief, and even though Hops completes the training, she was assigned to meter maid duty.

When here parents realize that it is time for Hops to go away from home, they give her the fox repellent. They are such caring parents as they know that the fox is rabbit’s nemesis, but they also know that Judy had issues with one fox when she was just a child – The menacing fox insulted her for being a bunny and slashed her face with his claws.

In the city of Zootopia, Hops teams up with a red fox called Nick Wilde, voiced by Jason Bateman, and the dynamic duo tries to crack a case of disappearing predators. For those of you who didn’t watch the movie, we will not talk about what happens next, but Zootopia really makes you think about stereotypes, and it is a great way for parents to talk to their kids about the effects.

Not everything is black and white, though. In real life as well as in the movie, the carnivores do eat herbivores, the sloths are really slow, the fox can go out of the woods, but it will always keep its character, and the rabbits reproduce prolifically. But if you make an analogy to the world of the human beings there are some problems. Who are the “predators” and “prey” in our world?

In Zootopia, there are various situations about discrimination that convey not so good a message. For example, Hops warns a colleague by saying “Only a bunny can call another bunny cute” and Wilde advises Hops “Never let them see that they get to you.” We could notice that people or in this case animals, acknowledge the destructive self-hatred that arises from discrimination.

The movie is filled with self-deprecating jokes as well – Hops wants to do the math for Wilde, and she tells him: “If there’s one thing we bunnies are good at, it multiplying.” Furthermore, Wilde became a cunning fox and a hustler because other animals teased him when he was just a pup and he ended up embracing the characteristics of his species. The jokes and basically everything about the movie is clever, we cannot deny that, but to some extent the stereotypes about animals are true.


Zootopia is directed by Byron Howard and Rich Moore, while Jared Bush co-directed the movie. It is such an entertaining film with clever jokes, an amazing plot that really keeps your attention and there is no doubt that both adults and kids will fall in love with it. Some sections of the movie are fantastic such as the part where Gazelle shows up and when Hops arrive in the city which consists of different terrains such as rainforest and tundra.

In addition, Bunny Hops also goes through rodent town and in this section, she realizes what it is like to be larger than anyone else. There are funny moments such as when Chief Bogo says that he cannot start the morning without seeing the elephant in the room (implying to a bunny cop). Zootopia is one of the best movies made in 2016, and if you try to think about the metaphor, you will see some contradiction and realize it is not completely successful after all. Still, it is worth thinking about.


  1. Nick and Judy love each other enough to sacrifice for their friend and it be platonic. Maybe there is a vixen in Zootopia that maybe has his pup that he does not know about. Maybe a secret past love?

  2. Nick and Judy could love each other enough to sacrifice for their friend and the love be platonic. Maybe there is a vixen in Zootopia that has his pup that he does not know about.

  3. I’d rather see a sequel to this, then toy story 4. how many of those do they have to make? enough already! no-one cares about woody or buzz anymore!

  4. i totatly agree nick and judy should get together it would be to perfect for words and if disney could get the rights from sony i would like to see some sly cooper in the next zootopia

  5. i really really want a relationship. They seem to have so much chemistry together (in my opinion at least) and i’d be upset to see it go to waste.

  6. I don’t think they should get together in any sort of romantic way, too schmaltzy, their love is and was born out of mutual respect and compassion, a greater love if you will. I’m an old guy and this is one of my favorite moves.

  7. Thisis true …BUT, the word “love” could have been used in a purely platonic context. Sort of akin to one man saying to another man-friend “You know I love you, bro.”

    Don’t get me wrong. I was just rebutting your interpretation of that last line before the car chase with Flash.

    I too wish for the relationship thing to happen. And I also believe that it can send a VERY strong and positive message to the young, and the young at heart, to reinforce and accentuate that just because you may be of a different culture, color, creed, race, religion, etc. …Does NOT mean that you can’t get along, become friends, and/or eventually fall in love with each other despite the outer differences that you may have. Remember the old saying …? It’s what’s INSIDE that counts. 🙂

    In this case that particular moral can be instilled through the use of “Inter-species Relationships” in the anthropomorphic world of Zootopia and its two main characters who are at the very center of the cities law enforcement department. Both of them “firsts” for the city and very prominent in the public eye. Their blossoming relationship could/would trigger a paradigm shift amongst the inhabitants of Zootopia to possibly break a silent, or possibly an actual, rule banning inter-species relationships creating a stronger gestalt within Zootopia’s population.

  8. How about making a poll? If you guys are not sure how to play the relationship between nick and judy, then I say make a poll and go with the majority vote.

  9. This should be a bang and it would be a great idea to include a marriage or relationship start between Judy and Nick. It would make sense since Nick’s final line directed to Judy was “You know you love me.” Judy replies “Do I know that? Yes, yes I do.”

  10. Honestly, I think that it would be a really interesting plot line if they did get together. Like, it could show how people, no matter of who they are (in this case predator or prey) can be together. They could use a really positive message with it.
    Anyways, I will watch the crap out of it when it comes out, it’s gonna be so cool.I only just watched it today with my best friend and we both love it. It’s so well made.

  11. I think the Zootopia 2 must start with the relationship of Jude and Nick you guilty of the racism that will show the other animals due to various predators and port may not be together.the relationship of Jude and Nick will go through many difficulties until they are able to demonstrate that everyone can be together regardless of their differences.So our film shows and scenes from our own lives and speaks about the racism that show many people when someone is different .Ι am sorry if i made a mistake with my text but I am from GREECE, I’m 14 years old and I am still practice my English.Anyway i am a BIG BIG fan of your work and I love so much zootopia WELL DONE AND KEEP GOING I HOPE YOU WILL START ZOOTOPIA 2 .

  12. This article though…. You really need to get your facts straight.

    There is no sequel yet.

    That cast list is extremely off.

  13. I´d rather have answered the question what would happen when Judy would have to investigate against Mr. Big. I mean, he´s – how did Nick put it? Oh yeah: “The most feared crime boss in Tundratown”. Why? What´s his business? This question was never answered. And Judy´s the godmother of his future granddaughter!! What happens when Chief “Buffalo Butt” finds out? And would Judy be able to put Mr. B. in jail if she´d have to?

  14. Point 1: Why can’t there be a romantic relationship with a coworker?

    Point 2: These aren’t real animals. They’re anthropomorphic representations of them. They can be ways of projecting different aspects of ourselves. The way I see it, them getting together is just a metephor for the people of the world seeing past stereotypes and biased opinions.

  15. FFS! Keep romantic crap out of it for two very good reasons!

    For one thing – professionalism. They work together. That’s usually out.

    For another thing – they’re NOT THE SAME SPECIES. I know you hippies are all for teaching little white kids to hook up with Asians and Blacks, but can you please draw the line at teaching them interSPECIES is an OK thing?

    After all, when it comes to sluttiness, humans are the ones who take the cake, it’s why it’s the only species with an AIDS epidemic.

  16. I would like to see Judy & Nick become more just friends I would like to see a relationship 🙂 I cannot wait for a sequel if it happens…..

  17. Byron Howard and Rich Moore said they have enough materials to make a sequel but I think they wouldn’t announced a sequel that fast. We may need to wait for a year or two for them.

  18. If this is in fact true, I’m not only stoked… I’m going to need a lot more money and book-shelving for wave 2 of the merch! @SeiRruf on twitter~

  19. Zootopia was a refreshing old school story with cute characters, witty comedy. An awesome movie. Part 2 should be spectacular.


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