Reaching over $1 billion at the box office, Zootopia was one of the most lucrative movies in 2016. Reasonably, it would be silly not to think that Zootopia 2 will try to make a similar achievement. However, it took Disney more than a year to officially confirm its arrival. And this announcement leads us into believing that the long-awaited sequel is soon to arrive. And here is what we can expect in Zootopia 2 together with all the details and information that circulate around the Internet regarding the next installment.

What made Zootopia so loveable among its audience is the pleasant and amusing atmosphere around two main characters, Officer Judy Hopps (Rabbit, voiced by Ginnifer Goodwin) and con artist Nick Wilde (Fox, voiced by Jason Bateman). However, the other characters that show up in the movie also grow to one’s heart as easily. And so, Chief Bogo (Idris Elba), Officer Benjamin Clawhauser (Nate Torrence) and Flash (Sloth, Raymond S. Persi) fulfill the film and make our day. At the end of the first movie, Judy and Nick become policemen in charge of going after criminals of Zootopia. The grand question that poses is whether we could expect a romance between Nick and Judy in Zootopia 2?


In the first film, we’ve seen many signs which could lead to these two becoming more than friends in the sequel. Ginnifer Goodwin who lends her voice to Judy says that she would love to see the chemistry between these two.

On the other hand, Jason Bateman, whose voice is behind fox Nick, says that he would like to see the following sequel presenting the two as two buddies who become superstars for solving the most heavy-duty case of Zootopia.


The reason for procrastinating so long with the sequel could be explained by Disney’s busy year, due to many projects it’s having such as Beauty and the Beast, Pirates of the Caribbean. And we should also have in mind the burden they are bearing because the audience is craving after the next sequel of Frozen and The Lion King.

Disney is famous for its original movies and for this reason it is considered that this studio has been taking risks with Zootopia, especially when it comes to the romance between Judy and Nick. It also explains why it might delay its next installment to 2 or 3 years from now. Its priorities are most likely the aforementioned films. We are yet to see what the next step will be.

Stay tuned for further information.


  1. I actually mostly see Judy and Nick’s police days together as a TV series than a sequel to a movie… So in a way, I do wanna see new main characters to the sequel with a different goal in the metropolis than a love story between Judy and Nick as it no longer involves the Zootopia itself as a whole.
    Who knows maybe they’d add the suppressed Predator story back in?
    I do want to hope that the sequel explores the other areas of Zootopia which the movie did not get to go aside from a few seconds of preview.

  2. Do. not. make. it. a. MUSICAL!
    Seriously, guys, please, one of the greatest things about this movie was it being truly a more mature film than the rest of your production, it was pure furry mainstream WITHOUT THOSE DEPRECABLE SONGS SCATTERED ALL AROUND THE PLACE, so please do like you did already: ONE smashing hit. Thank you!

  3. The heart of any great movie is the story. Even if the graphics etc are not Pixar perfect it is the storyline that carries the characters forward. I only hope that Disney takes that in mind before trying to race and get the next installment out 🙂


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