Yuri on Ice Season 2 Updates: Creator shares some information about the upcoming season!

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We have seen an incredible season 1 of Yuri on Ice, and there is no doubt that we are ready for more! The final episode was in December last year, and fans are already craving for season 2 of the show. And it is nothing strange considering how interesting and unique the beginning was. The only problem now is that there are no official statements when it comes to the exact date of the sequel premiere.

As we have mentioned, there are no official statements regarding the exact date, and actually, we haven’t heard anything from creators since the finale of Yuri on Ice season 1. However, there is some hope since Mitsuro Kubo, the co-creator has shed some light on the series. There is not much information, but even that was something for fans to be hyped about.

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Kubo’s statement

Mitsuro Kubo indirectly said something about the season 2 even though this is not official news. Kubo said that one of her wishes for the show was to finish the second season this year. This means that we will probably see the sequel before the end of 2017 which is promising. We gathered this piece of information from Yuri on Ice talk show that was aired this month. Kubo was kind enough to even share some of her ideas for the story in the upcoming season when it comes to characters.

A completely new set of 12 figure skaters was revealed. Among those were Yuri Katsuki, the main character, Viktor Nikiforov and Yuri Plisetsky. The form of this new art sketch was a selfie. Selfie where we saw all of the characters. This instantly became viral online, and since then we had many speculations. Out of all the rumors, the most probable outcome is that we will see all of these characters in the upcoming season.

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More about Yuri’s Past in Season 2?

Since we have no official updates regarding the plot of season 2, we can only assume, from some rumors, that the upcoming one will deal with past of the main character, Yuri. Considering this report, we can say that we have something to look forward to. It will be really interesting to learn more about Yuri’s past because that means that we will get to know him better. And when it comes to the structure of his character, there has been a claim recently that we will also learn a thing or two about his mental health problems.

These predictions put the focus on further exploration of Yuri’s character and to be honest we don’t complain. Considering how interesting the plot of season 1 was, we can only imagine what the second season will look like. Especially if it will have something to do with Yuri’s complex character.

Yuri on Ice Season 2 Premiere Date

As Kubo said, the upcoming season is set to arrive before the end of 2017. For now, we can only guess and speculate about the exact date. However, we want your opinion on the matter. What do you think about this? Do you like the potential topics and plots of season 2? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.