You’ve been charging your phone wrong your whole life (but here’s how you can fix that)


It doesn’t matter if you have Samsung Galaxy, Nokia or iPhone device, one of the things that you definitely want is to keep it in good shape. And the battery is a part that needs the most attention.

Most people tend to plug in their favorite gadget overnight and fully charge it, unfortunately, it seems that this could cause some damage to your battery.

This info comes from ShortList magazine that made an article about batteries that are packed into smartphones, and their source is Cadex, the battery company.

It is stated that: “Li-ion (lithium-ion) does not need to be fully charged as is the case with lead acid, nor is it desirable to do so.”

Article continues by saying: “In fact, it is better not to fully charge because a high voltage stresses the battery.”

When your battery gets fully charged it will start sending “trickle charges” that will keep it at 100 percent almost all the time.

Cadex suggests that this is not the best option for Li-Ion packs and it could cause additional stress.

One of the ways this could be prevented is for you to stop charging as soon as it gets to 100 percent.

To be honest, this might not be always possible as you will be most likely sleeping.

One of the advice from the Cadex on how to preserve good batter health is to charge it multiple times per day to some extent and not to leave it on the charger for eight hours and similar while you are sleeping.

Knowing how important is to have enough juice for the day it might not be ideal and convenient to do things this way, but if you want your battery to have a longer life, these might be the steps you want to take.

Other charging tips to consider:

  1. Whenever you can use the charger that you received with your gadget rather than the laptop as the power source.
  2. Your smartphone will charge faster in airplane mode.
  3. Fast chargers might seem like a great idea, but have in mind that this could damage your battery if used often.