You Can Call Out Dwayne Johnson But He Will Hit You Back In A Cruel Way


Dwayne Johnson is one of the most popular actors in Hollywood. You should also know that he is really strong. And you don’t want to call him out. Ever.

Well, one Twitter user had the guts to call out the former wrestler in one of his tweets, which we believe is a bad idea. First of all, you cannot just talk trash to The Rock, and secondly, he has 12 million followers who are watching what is going on.

Namely, Dwayne Johnson devoted a post to his buddy Kurt Angle and his return to the WWE. The user called Ben Pobije responded: “Dwayne, wrestling isn’t real. It’s time you knew.” This guy appears to be a writer living in a place called Cranbourne in Australia, and it seems that he moved The Rock slightly. Dwayne answered: “I like the dry wit. Correct, I do in fact know wrestling isn’t real. Thats why I said ‘have fun,’” insulting him after that.

It appears that Ben didn’t expect the response so quickly and The Rock to be so angry. No matter if you are famous in the real world or not, things are different on Twitter and we expected Johnson to speak up. Ben then wrote: “My worst nightmare has come true. The Rock thinks I wanted to insult him. I am scum.”

One of the fans apologized in Ben Pobjie’s name by posting: “As an Australian like Ben, Dwayne/Rock I would like to apologize for his Jackass-ery towards you. He’s a special kind of immature child.”

However, everything ended well, and The Rock will receive a copy of Ben’s book called Questionable Histories of Great Australians as Dwayne replied to him “Send it bud!” The end. Oh, wait, here comes the hilarious part. Ben’s marriage seems to be ‘falling apart’ as his wife Bec Pobjie posted on Twitter writing directly to the Hollywood star: “I’m Ben’s wife &; I’m a pastry chef &; I love you &; wrestling, next time you’re in Australia I’d love to give you cake.”