Xbox One takes the lead from PlayStation 4 for 3 months counting

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Xbox One by Microsoft is on fire with it outselling the PlayStation 4 again in September making it the 3rd month it is achieving such feat.

This is considered a big feat to be achieved by the Xbox being that its rival, PlayStation 4 game console is known to be very popular all over the world. PlayStation 4 has sold not less than 40 million consoles which was later overtaken by Sony’s PS4 that was on top of Xbox One. However, there has been a turnaround of events.

In July this year, we saw the Xbox One beat PS4 back to back in sales and taking the lead from PlayStation 4. There were times when Xbox One took the lead from PS4, but the company has held its lead strongly for many years now.

What then could have been responsible for the turnout of events?  There are some things that may be responsible for this. The first one is that PlayStation 4 is already everywhere in the world. This may have been the reason that demands for it declined since millions of people can just buy a console. Remember that not less than 40 million PlayStation 4 consoles are sitting in peoples’ homes.

The second reason for this could be due to games that are exclusive to Xbox One which are known to be blockbusters like “Gears of War 4” and “Forza Horizon 3.” They are not just exclusives to Xbox One and Microsoft Windows 10 but have been acclaimed to be such that game lovers cannot resist.

The third reason which may have impacted more on the sales made in September is no other but the Xbox One S. this model is prettier, slimmer and goes for the same price with that of Xbox One. This could have been the reason it sold the highest in September in the category of gaming hardware. This became an interesting being that Sony also released PlayStation 4 in the same month that was equally slimmer. Well, one other thing that could have worked for Microsoft is that it made the announcement of the entrance of Xbox One S back in June and therefore had pre-orders before it finally launched it in August.

But this is not to say that you should cry for Sony’s PlayStation yet after all they have been making their profit with plans of making huge releases this holiday.

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With their release of PlayStation 4 that is slimmer in September, the PlayStation VR this October, and then the release of PlayStation 4 Pro that is very powerful set to make entrance in November, Sony can be said to have a lot up its sleeve that can compensate for what it lost in the past 3 months. Another thing that is of utmost importance is the fact that consumers are the ones to have a final say on whether to go for it or remain with Xbox series.