X-Ray Package for CS: GO Fans: Everything You Need to Know about It


Players in France are lucky enough to receive a super bonus presented by CS: GO developers. The latest update of the game resulted in the formation of the new tool for CS: GO gaming and betting adventures.

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Things to Know about X-Ray

As a result of anti-gambling laws in France, the in-game weapon cases in CS: GO happened to be at the risk of further operation. By trying to eliminate the loot box controversy in Europe, Valve has introduced an X-ray Scanner to CS: GO. For now, the tool is available for French players only.


This new instrument, an X-Ray scanner, can be obtained by purchasing an X-Ray Package in the CS: GO main menu. When a player opens the case, he/she receives the P250 X-Ray that can be used as an X-Ray scanner for weapon cases. The P250 X-Ray lets every player check the rarity and type of custom weapon skin he/she will get by opening a weapon case. In order to analyze another case, the player should claim the weapon skin from the case.

X-Ray in the Context of CS: GO


In the modern gaming industry, CS: GO has turned into a popular video game. This became possible due to innovations in the sphere of technologies. To make the gaming environment safe for players, all the major tournaments are now conducted in the offline format. Now that CS: GO events can gather stadiums, shifting to the online format has become the only reasonable solution. Has it found any reflection on players? No, it hasn’t. In fact, CS: GO enthusiasts demonstrate an immense interest in the game. They continue developing their skills and expanding their knowledge by improving their performance, as well as mastering new tactics.

The year of 2024 has made certain corrections in the life of average players. This is especially the case for those who liked visiting CS: GO tournaments. During the pandemic, all the tournaments were transformed into an online format. This way, the valve developer decided to stick to modern trends.

Not all players are active in their CS:GO endeavors. They prefer to watch live streams, bet on favorite titles, and collect skins from a great variety of CS: GO cases. The Valve Company decided to support French players by offering them a patch for CS: GO. In the future prospects, the popular gaming developer considers adding a special program “X-ray scanner” in other countries, including the United Kingdom and the United States. Thanks to this innovative product, every single player will gain a unique opportunity to bypass the ban on loot boxes. Not bad, don’t you think so?

Why do you need this kind of scanner? Does it bring any kind of benefit? CS: GO fans talk about a great opportunity to research and analyze the contents of the container before opening it. This way, the chances for the law on loot boxes to be violated are pretty low. Moreover, the scanning mechanism is developed in such a way so that the players have to “enlighten” the container step by step. If you decide to scan all containers at once, you should be ready to see an error window on the computer screen. By the way, the Valve Company has established certain limitations for players. They are not allowed to purchase containers on the Marketplace on Steam. But they can still sell them to other players.

As you can see, X-ray scanner happens to be a great instrument for CS: GO that cannot be sold, exchanged, or transferred. Also, it can be a great option for skin fans, as it gives them a great opportunity to earn extra cash. Don’t forget that any scam or fraud related to the change of the IP address to French can lead to account lockout. So, if you are ready to take such a risk, just knock it out! Otherwise, you just need to wait until X-Ray will be available in your country. Once it enters the local market, you will love it due to its ability to take the gaming routine to a totally new level. Those players at the low rank have a great opportunity to grow in the CS: GO community.


The Efficiency of X-Ray

The X-Ray skin allows players to see the content of every weapon case before they pay for it. This way, they have a great opportunity to avoid unpleasant surprises. If they don’t like the inner content of the case, they don’t have to buy it. At the same time, if they decide not to purchase the skin, they won’t be able to use the X-Ray Scanner until they claim that skin. For those unfamiliar with CS: GO weapon crates, users have to pay money for a case without knowing what hides inside it. You can only imagine how many players experienced huge disappointment. Now, they have a chance to avoid it.

The X-Ray mechanism only exists for users in France, but the situation is about to change in the nearest future. Valve considers offering the same service in other countries as well. It needs to be done to adjust CS: GO to anti-gambling regulations.

Bottom Line

The major idea of the scanner is based on the players’ ability to check what’s inside of a loot case before opening it. Don’t forget that there is a catch. Once a player enters the case inside of the scanner, the player should “claim” the item. Opening the case needs to be processed through the scanner every time you place a bet. After all, it is hardly possible to scan another Container without claiming the revealed item. As you can see, there is nothing difficult to worry about. And even if you decide to use X-Ray, you can be sure that it’s totally safe for your account, character, and the whole gaming process. The main point here is to be careful with every step you take after the application of the X-Ray mechanism.