X-Files Season 11 Updates: Photos, Cast Info & Potential Release Date!


The X-Files Season 11 is scheduled for 2018! Tune in to learn more!

The truth is still out there and this year marks the 25th anniversary of The X-Files! So far we only know that we’ll see at least 10 new episodes of the show, we don’t know what will happen after that. Season 11 is set to arrive in 2018 and fans have something to look forward to since the number of episodes has been increased. Season 10 only had 6 episodes, but show officials stated that the Season 11 will have 10 episodes. Some may argue that it isn’t such a big of an upgrade, but it’s something!

X-Files Season 11 Teaser Images


Lads at Fox were generous enough to release a set of shots from Season 11 episodes. We expect more info and possibly more photos next week! Writers and the cast are scheduled to appear in front of the press so remember to visit us then.

Now take a look at these photos from Season 11. It seems like Mulder and Scully don’t age at all.


Season 11 Cast Info

According to Deadline, Barbara Hershey will be making an appearance in season 11. She will have a recurring role and play ‘a powerful figure who represents a mysterious organization!’

Mitch Pileggi is also set to return for season 11! Mitch is well known for his role of assistant director of the FBI Walter Skinner. He will now team up with David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson who will, of course, play Fox Mulder and Dana Scully!

Annabeth Gish (Monica Reyes) is also set to appear in season 11 however we still have no further information about her role.

Besides these cast members, we also heard from Fox Mulder himself! David Duchovny posted a photo on Twitter where he asked his followers to tell him where he was. He obviously implied that he was back in Vancouver where he would reprise his role as Mulder.

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Another social media post was spotted at Annabeth Gish’s Instagram account. The actress posted a call sheet on Instagram clearly indicating that Monica Reyes will be back for season 11!

Other than that, folks at ‘What’s Filming’ are claiming that shooting of The X-Files Season 11 is already underway!

X-Files Season 11 Writers

Darin Morgan, Glen Morgan, and James Wong will join forces and return to write 10 new episodes! Now that we know that the episode number for the new season expanded everyone was wondering who is the one to personally write the final handful of episodes of season 11. According to TVLIne, there will be three writers take on this task.

‘Gabe Rotter (who served as a writers assistant on Season 9), Benjamin Van Allen (a writers assistant on Season 10) and Brad Follmer (Carter’s personal assistant during Season 8 and 9).’

Two episodes for The X-Files Season 11 are to be written by Glen Morgan. He is currently busy with an adaption of the popular Lore podcast. Morgan previously wrote and directed ‘Home Again’ in season 10.

According to Glen, Darin Morgan (his brother) will write one episode. Darin wrote last season’s ‘Mulder and Scully Meet The Were-monster.’

Media also spoke to Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan about a potential collaboration with Morgan brothers on the eleventh season of The X-Files. Even though he has quite a busy schedule, Vince said that he would ‘love’ to write for the X-Files again! Unfortunately, he also said that no one from the X-Files reached out to him about returning.