Wynonna Earp Season 2 Release Date & Latest News

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Created by Emily Andras, Wynonna Earp aired for the first time in the United States on Syfy in April 2016. This supernatural show is based on Beau Smith’s comic book series, and it is focused on the battle against demons and other creatures. The first season aired between April and June 2016 and it comprised 13 episodes. The series proved to be rather popular, so Syfy decided to renew it for the next season soon after the first one ended – the renewal was officially confirmed in July last year.

We believe all of you who watched Wynonna Earp can’t wait to hear about the sequel and get a sneak peek at the upcoming events. One thing’s for sure – your favorite special agent will have to face many more battles against demons and other supernatural creatures. However, when it comes to some specific details, Syfy still keeps them under wraps. What we know is that Agent Xavier Dolls (played by Shamier Anderson) will receive special attention in the upcoming episodes, together with Wynonna, Doc, Willow and Bobo Del Rey, whose origins will also be further explored.

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As you probably remember, the last episode ended with a major cliffhanger, leaving us wondering who got shot after Waverly had pulled a gun. Was it one of the Earps or perhaps one of her teammates? Well, we have to disappoint you, as we do not have the answer to this question. You’ll have to wait for the new season premiere and find out what happened.

The good news is that you won’t have to wait for too long. It has been confirmed that Wynonna Earp Season 2 will be delivered in June this year on Syfy. And there’s more – although it was initially slated for ten episodes, they eventually extended it, so we now know that it will comprise twelve episodes instead. Don’t miss the premiere.