WWE SmackDown – What is Important After the Show on January 10


After the WWE SmackDown on Tuesday, many important questions arose. Baton Rouge, Louisiana was the host of the show, and we could see The Wyatt Family almost shattered, while Dolph Ziggler showed the crowd how vicious he actually is. Meanwhile, Carmella appears to be setting a trap for her love interests. Also, Lynch will go against Bliss for the Championship in the Cage match.

Will Bray Wyatt be the eye witness of his clan falling apart? And what about Ziggler? Are his viciousness and villainy the key for him to discover his secret potential? Carmella and James Ellsworth are going on a shopping spree, so what will happen there? We can see some of the hints of where these stories are heading in the latest SmackDown but these hints are not enough for as to conclude what will happen eventually.

Ziggler’s Rage


Ziggler fought against Kalisto on Tuesday, and he didn’t only lose the match, he also lost his mind. Even though Kalisto won fair and square, Ziggler couldn’t accept the defeat, so he knocked him out and continued to beat Kalisto with the chair. When Ziggler finally decide to leave the ring, Apollo Crews appeared, but his a** also got kicked. Also with a chair.

Ziggler definitely went to the dark side, and it seems that he loves it. Bryan Alvarez of Figure Four Online criticized Ziggler on Twitter by saying: “ALL THOSE WORDS AND DOLPH HAD NOTHING TO SAY.” Ziggler has been telling a different story and now he is reinventing himself, and as we have a chance to see, this transition will not be nice. Expect to see Ziggler in better fights after his eruption last week, because he is becoming relevant.

Carmella and James Ellsworth


When Carmella defeated CJ Lunde, James Ellsworth was the man to help her. He was hoping for a kiss after the match, but Carmella was not that interested, and she told him to be patient. Instead of the kiss, they are going on a shopping spree, so what is Carmella planning to do with Ellsworth? Although this seems like an irrelevant story, don’t be fooled because there is something in Carmella’s look that suggests she may use James and betray him eventually. This seemingly naive shopping may turn into something fatal.

Will The Wyatt Family Collapse?

The Wyatt Family was close to reclaiming the SmackDown Tag Team Championship from American Alpha, but Randy Orton lost. However, after the match ended, Bray Wyatt had to come into the ring and prevent the potential bloodshed as Randy Orton and Luke Harper almost got into a fight. Instead, Harper accidentally kicked Wyatt who ended up on the floor, but that is when it all ended. The crowd expected to see the battle and was disappointed when that didn’t happen.

Daily DDT wrote on Twitter: “Wyatt Family about to implode, folks. #SDLive” Guess what? He is right, and the collapse of the Wyatt Family is more and more likely. The question is whether the story will be stretched out, or each of the members will go their separate ways really soon. Although a slow pace might be better, it appears that WWE is going the other way.

Becky Lynch Vs. Alexa Bliss


Becky Lynch will try to defeat Alexa Bliss one more time, but the difference now is that these two women will fight in a Steel Cage match for the Women’s Championship next week, as SmackDown general manager Daniel Bryan announced. It is nice to see SmackDown hosting this kind of battle, which has been in Raw’s domain for the most part as we watched a number of flights between Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks. Although this is not the first women’s cage match, rarely do we have a chance to watch it. Who do you think will win?