WWE Setting Up Huge Match For The Shield?!


WWE is now in the England, UK and they are having their Monday Night Raw, and Smackdown Live shows over there this week. Raw just visited Manchester and gave us a decent episode where we saw a couple of things that we didn’t quite expect to see. The biggest moment of the show was in the main event where Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose defended their titles against Sheamus and Cesaro.

The match was decent, and the fans liked it. But, the most important part of the duel came at the end when The New Day showed up in the crowd announcing that Smackdown Live is putting Raw under Siege one more time. Kurt Angle didn’t want to make the same mistake yet again, and he was ready for the attack, calling all the superstars from the back to help him fight off SD Live.


In the end, this was just a trick by the New Day. They caused the distraction for Sheamus and Cesaro, costing Rollins and Ambrose their belts. Now, we have The Bar as the new tag champions while two-thirds of the Shield are left without their belts.

The Bar is going to face the Usos at the Survivor Series while Rollins and Ambrose now don’t have anything to do at the pay per view.

This might mean that WWE wants to set up Roman Reigns joining his brothers in the battle against the New Day. Now, this is a decent booking decision since they want to go forward with the Shield. New Day is a good opponent for them as they are a legit team, something that the company is lacking right now. We will find out in the coming days whether or not WWE makes this battle official for the Survivor Series.