WWE Post Update On Vince McMahon’s Condition

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WWE planned a big Smackdown Live event for the Las Vegas edition this week. In the end, even with the three championship matches that we had on this show, it was still a little bit underwhelming. The show wasn’t all that special, but boy, did we get a great ending of this event, the one that is going to get a lot of people talking and the one that left everybody in disbelief.

Kevin Owens got provoked by Vince McMahon and decided to lay him out. We even saw that Vince was bleeding when Owens headbutted him, and it didn’t really look like a work. Vince did tell something to Kevin off the mic second before Owens made his move. Nobody could really pick up on what he was saying, but it might be that McMahon instructed Owens to strike him for real and maybe even bust him open.

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The segment was done beautifully. There is no doubt about the fact that this is going to be huge for Owens. Then, we have seen a frog splash off the top rope to 75-year old Vince McMahon, the chairman and the CEO of the company.

WWE issued a statement about Vince McMahon, saying that he did not comment on the situation that we had on SD Live and that he even refused the help from the doctors. This is just a great way to follow up the things that have happened in the ring this Tuesday. This storyline is going to be the one to follow in the weeks to come as we can say that it is the biggest one in the WWE going right now, even though we have two monster matches at No Mercy pay per view for Monday Night Raw.