WWE News: Braun Strowman posts beardless photo

Check out what Braun Strowman looks like without a beard!


What did we just see?

There is no doubt that Braun Strowman’s popularity in the wrestling world is at the highest level and this guy is definitely one of the most important superstars in the company. We saw him in few matches, and it is clear that he is a beast, destroying anyone that comes in his way. What we did not expect to see is his photo without beard that he posted on Instagram, and we can say that it is quite hard to recognize him.

For those that do not know…

Braun Strowman is currently dominating RAW roster and has shown how powerful he is. In the last few months, he managed to accomplish a lot and beat some big names in the game.

Greatest Royal Rumble match that was held in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, was the place where he defeated 13 opponents and was the last man standing. Not long after that, he gave us another incredibly powerful performance at RAW in Montreal.

Here is what you have been waiting for

Monster Among Men looks completely different in the picture, and it wasn’t easy to recognize this guy. Fans and entire WWE Universe knows that beard and Braun Strowman go in one sentence so well, because of this, he managed to surprise us, to say the least. Check it out for yourself.

Future of Braun Strowman in the wrestling business

At the moment, this man looks pretty unbeatable, and we expect to see him in a storyline with Bobby Lashley that recently returned to the in-ring action. These two wrestlers will be teamed up and will clash with Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn at Sunday’s Backlash PPV.

While Strowman has enough star power to be one of the top guys we think that it is a good move to join him with Lashley whose return didn’t go all that well. Former ECW Champion didn’t get expected fan reaction, and he almost dropped Big Cass on his head at the Greatest Royal Rumble as Lashley wanted to hit him with his recognizable move, delayed Vertical Suplex.

What we think that will happen

The momentum is on the Braun’s side and on top of that, he is loved by fans in all countries and not like it is the case with Roman Reigns. If WWE and Vince decide to finish their project Roman Empire, it could be a perfect time to further push Strowman and give him the Universal Championship. Right now, everyone can agree that this would be the best direction for the company.