Wrestler Inducting Kurt Angle To HOF Revealed


Fifteen years ago, back in 2002, John Cena was the guy that made his debut against Kurt Angle. The Olympic champion carried him to a great match on his first night on Smackdown and Cena really made a statement that night. Today, a decade and a half later, Cena is still a top guy in the company, and he will be the one that is going to induct Angle into the Hall of Fame on that Saturday before Wrestlemania.

The company announced today that Cena would be the one to do the honors for Kurt Angle. He is the guy that Angle put over when John was on the rise, and he is the one that is going to induct him. Angle is the headliner of this 2017 Hall of Fame class, but the general hope of the fans is that he wrestles at least one more match for the WWE. There is always a chance of that happening, but it’s more likely that he appears in some kind of a non-wrestling role. Maybe as a Raw GM as Mick Foley is going away after Wrestlemania 33.


Here is what Kurt had to say about Cena being the one that is inducting him into the Hall of Fame: “I’m beyond honored to have the legendary John Cena inducting me into the 2017 WWE HOF.”

Kurt is one of the best in-ring performers not just in the WWE, but in the wrestling world in general, of all time. He was such a great worker, and the prime example was, in fact, that night when Cena made his debut. Angle made him look like a legit guy, which says a lot about Kurt’s ability. It’s funny Cena is going to be the one to induct him after all these years that have passed since that moment.