Worst Finishers In The WWE Today


A finishing move is the most deadly move that superstars have. It’s the thing that, well, finishes the match. It should be iconic, and when someone mentions it, you should immediately connect that finisher to the superstars that use it. But, there are some moves in today’s WWE that need a change. There are moves that don’t seem to be a legit threat, and it looks like they don’t seem believable.

Zig-Zag, Dolph Ziggler – He is making the most out of this move as he performs it well and it’s exciting when he does it. But, if you dissect this finish, you can see that he is actually only dragging his opponent down and the move wouldn’t look as legit as it should. It’s a simple move that just needs to go away if Ziggler wants to be a true star again.


Bayley-to-belly suplex, Bayley– Belly-to-belly suplex is a simple move that is bound to make an impact, but not big enough to be a finishing one. WWE just added Bayley instead of belly to the move, and they are making her use it as a finisher. In short, it’s a finishing move just because it has her name in it.

People’s Elbow, The Rock – Even though the Rock doesn’t wrestle anymore on a consistent basis, he is still a member of the WWE roster, and that makes him good to go for this list. He is one of the biggest stars that company ever had and is the most charismatic superstar of all time, but his move, the People’s Elbow that later became his finisher is never going to be a legit move if you look at it closely. It’s an iconic move just like Hogan’s leg drop, but in reality, it shouldn’t be a threat at all.