The Patriots are now a five-time Super Bowl champions. Tom Brady is the greatest player ever to play the game and has been in some fantastic Super Bowl matches. Every game that he played went down to the wire, and it was amazing to watch every single one of them. The last two Super Bowls that they played in were phenomenal, and they have won both of those duels with some phenomenal moves.

The two squad that have lost in those two remarkable games will have nightmares for years to come if they think about these matches too much. But, which loss was worse? Was it the loss that Seattle had when they had to punch the ball in from the half yard line, and they elected to pass it or was it the Falcons blowing up a 25-point second half lead?

Well, we are going with the Seahawks. Both of these squads had the lead and then lost it. But, Seattle had a shot to win it back and take the game. Seattle was the team that was on a half yard line and elected to make the wrong decision by throwing the ball. It’s not only the fact that they didn’t run it, but it’s even worse when you consider what kind of a running back they had at their disposal.

Marshawn Lynch ran the ball for almost 5 yards on a play before that. Seahawks had three tries to punch the ball into the end zone with Beast Mode as their running back. Yes, the Falcons had a major lead and blew it, but that heartbreaking moment for the Seahawks just makes their loss worse than the one that Atlanta suffered yesterday.


  1. I’d say it’s tie between Atlanta and Seattle for the most idiotic play-calling in Super Bowl history. In Seattle’s case, they were inside the New England 1 yard line. All they needed to do was to run the football with Marshawn Lynch (the best power running back in the game). It was second down. New England’s defense is not stopping him once, let alone twice or three times. Never. Seattle will score the game-winning touchdown if they keep the football on the ground. Instead, they call the worst play by passing the ball on a slant-play right in the middle of the defense and that pass was intercepted. The play call was idiotic, moronic, and pathetically dumb and cost the Seahawks the Super Bowl championship.

    In Atlanta’s case, New England had cut the Atlanta’s lead to just 28-20. Their defense was exhausted. Their offense needed to bail out the defense and make a big play. The best Wide Receiver in the game did just that. Julio Jones made a spectacular catch for 27 yards that put the ball at the New England 22. That play should have been the game-winning offensive play. All Atlanta had to do now is run the football 3 times and kick a routine field goal and they then go up by 11 (making it a two score game) and put the game away for their first Super Bowl Championship. New England would not have enough time for two possessions so that field would seal the win for Atlanta. Unfortunately, on second and third down, the Atlanta coaching staff made the worst play calls that are equivalent to what Seattle did two years ago. They idiotically attempted to throw on both downs losing 12 yards on a sack and 10 yards on a holding penalty taking themselves out of field goal range and having to punt. The coaches lost the Super Bowl on that sequence of ludicrous play-calling.

    The Patriots last 2 Super Bowl wins were gift-wrapped and handed to them on a silver platter by the worst play-calling in Super bowl history. During those critical moments, if the Seattle coaches or the Atlanta coaches had a functioning brain cell and called the plays that everyone else in America would, New England would have lost both games.


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