World With Giant Animals – Fantastic Artwork


Eben, a digital artist from Australia shared some of his incredible works on Instagram (you can find him there @ebenism), and it immediately attracted a lot of attention, and if you take a look at those art pieces, you will easily notice why.

Instagram account of this artist is a window into his imagination which uses photo-manipulation to create images that you can see here. Latest series of this artist include giant animals and tiny humans photos that are perfectly blended into the landscape.

As the artist himself says, he has always been inspired by animal kingdom and all it shows. The might and awe of nature and everything we can see is the source of inspiration and according to him “we all have our spirit animals that challenge, guide and protect us in a world that seems to be diving deeper into chaos.”

Mother nature is impressive, it created this wonderful world for us to cherish but for some reason, we do things that hurt our environment that later on will hurt humankind. We can read many reports about the demise of species, and that needs to stop, nature is much more important and far bigger than tiny humans.

The artist that created all these fantastic looking photos hopes to continue his work by delivering more art. It will allow people to see the nature and its inhabitant in a different light, the result of that would be more appreciation from our side. All these incredible creatures deserve a lot more, and people could get a sense of connection with the nature with these great looking digital manipulations.

Eben said: “I hope to continue to create art that makes you think and inspire people to see the natural world and all its magnificent creatures with a sense of connection, wonder and intrigue.”