Wonder Woman 2 and all we know about it!


Well, Wonder Woman came, and she conquered! The movie was an absolute hit, and it managed to secure itself two successes – a commercial one plus it was a feminist film victory, without any doubt. What is extraordinary is that nearly everyone started discussing about the sequel right after they left the theaters. It was such a good story and a great movie overall that the fans can’t wait for this one to sink in, so they already started discussing what to expect.

Well, we have something regarding the part two. Apparently, Diana will be taking on the Soviet Union in Wonder Woman 2, and we got that from the ScreenRant who made the first report, which was later confirmed by The Wrap. So, it has got to be true, right?! As much as we managed to get it, it seems that the Wonder Woman 2 movie will focus on Diana’s efforts at ending the Cold War in the 1980s. As of now, the director Patty Jenkins is currently making some early plans for the sequel with DC CCO Geoff Johns.


As far as the possible story line is considered, nothing is official yet mainly because it is too early for that, but thanks to Patty Jenkins and his earlier mentioning, we know that she planned to have Wonder Woman 2 set in America. We also do not believe that they will portray Russia as a straightforward villain (like they showed the Germans in the first movie). We assume that this might end up to be a film where Diana manages to avert an unintended nuclear Armageddon.

While I wrote this I got a flashback to the Superman IV: The Quest For Peace where he tried to clean the world of all nuclear weapons, and I just have to say (although it probably goes without saying), the Wonder Woman 2 will not come any closer to that. One more important thing we must report is that there are talks that pilot Steve Trevor will be back for the sequel, but it is not clear in what way will he make his comeback – will he be back from the dead, or, more realistically, will he be popping up in flashbacks?

That is it for now. You will have to wait a little bit longer until there is any news on the release date, and I believe that is understandable since the theater seats from the first movie haven’t cooled down yet. Until then stay close and follow us as you did so far!