Women’s Money In The Bank Match Happening?


Money In The Bank pay per view is the next blue branded event coming up in June. The company wasted no time in building up to the pay per view the first edition of SD Live post-Backlash as Shane McMahon has announced that there will be six participants in the ladder match for the briefcase. It is always one of the most exciting battles of the year, and it almost guarantees that the winner is going to be a champion.

Even though women’s wrestling is much more appreciated these days and the people are paying more attention to it now than ever, they still trail men when it comes to some stuff. One of the things that they never had is their own MITB match, but there are reports that this year might be the turning point and the time for them to enter the ladder match on their own in the battle for the briefcase.


WWE used to sign a lot of models and train them to be wrestlers. There is no way that those women would know how to do a good ladder match as they were not even skilled enough to do regular in-ring work. Now, the talent is more than capable of putting on a quality ladder related event.

There are rumors that WWE is planning to do the MITB women’s fight for the first time in the history of the company, but right now, nothing is confirmed. On the sheet for the show, it still says “Women’s Match #2,” but it seems that the officials still haven’t decided whether or not they are going to go through with this idea.