Wolverine 3 – Hugh Jackman’s last time as Logan


After Hugh Jackman finishes the filming of the new Wolverine movie, he will no longer play that role of Logan. Either we got used to him as a Wolverine, or he is really the best there is, we can’t tell for sure, but it is probably both. He will most definitely send the character off with a blast and if they ever decide to film another sequel, it will be hard to fill his shoes. As for the new details about the movie we need to wait for the next week.

Hugh Jackman told ET: We’ve finished shooting. I just saw [director] Jim Mangold today. He’s editing away and finishing that. There’s going to be some stuff coming out in the next week or so. That’s all I’ll say. I’m not good. I’m the kind of person who tells everybody everything. Basically, it’s going to be different. Very different in tone and hopefully to anything we’ve done.

We don’t know what “stuff” will be out next week, but considering that the premiere of the movie is in early 2017, a teaser trailer could possibly appear. We can just keep guessing, but whatever comes out it will be good.


The crew from Wolverine 3 is really trying to keep everything a secret. There are rumors around the internet, but nothing has been official. For now, it is certain that the older version of Logan will appear in the movie. Moreover, according to the early reports, they were shooting for an R-rating with the clawed X-Man’s outfit. However, this has not yet been confirmed.

Everybody needs to give their best in order to send Hugh Jackman off properly. Furthermore, X-Men franchise only has Deadpool to support the entire universe outside of the larger team movies and that is why it is important that Wolverine 3 is a success.

The premiere of Wolverine 3 is on March 3, 2017. We will let you know as soon as we find out something more.