Wireless VR: Are You Ready To Work With Fun?

Wireless VR

Most of us have heard of Virtual Reality but very few actually know what it is all about. It is a buzzword that has been there since the 90s and the technology is now a reality. Virtual Reality creates a different world for you and takes you to that different world. You will feel and believe that you are in mars while you are just about to bump on your kitchen counter. The emergence of wireless virtual reality has taken the technology to a whole new level. What is even more interesting, this awesome technology is not limited to the entertainment and gaming world. Virtual Reality has followed you to your workplace as well. Here are other uses of Virtual Reality outside the gaming world.

Business teleportation
Imagine attending numerous business meetings in different parts of the world within a very short time. That sounds really tiresome. What if you could actually do this from the comfort of your house? For some reason, business leaders value the feeling of being in the same room with those they are discussing business with. Virtual Reality will make this very easy since they will be in the same virtual space together at the same time, something that is not possible will screen-based teleconferencing.
Complex training sessions

Having to train every new person at a company can sometimes be cumbersome. With Virtual Reality, training will be made very easy since the training sessions could be recorded easily so that any new employee can catch up with the rest. Virtual reality does this in a more avid nature where the trainee can look around the room, meet people virtually and even interact with objects. It could also be done as a live seminar to add more appeal to it. This will save time and lead to employees getting better trained.

Conducting interviews

HR departments seem to be the most thrilled by VR and I can understand why. Imagine being able to interview people in a virtual conference room face to face. The very large companies could even set up remote offices similar to what they do through teleconferencing. Interviewers need to see how the interviewee reacts to questions or what their body language says and they will be able to do this through Virtual Reality. This will benefit the interviewers a lot and save time for everyone.

Consider how many hours are spent in labs to test new gadgets or drugs. Medical professionals could actually benefit from this since they could conduct tests through VR and not have to face the risks that come with actual testing in the lab. Developers could attend tech conferences without having to be there physically. Consider going to the CES from the comfort of your office without having to travel all the way to Las Vegas. You will have the ability to see a new product and even test it. This would be more productive since time would be saved and one can attend many meetings in a day.

Education has not been left behind in adopting virtual reality for teaching and learning situations. Large groups of students can interact with each other within a three dimension environment. Complex data can be presented to students in a way that is fun and easy to understand. Take astronomy students for instance. Normally, they learn a lot of theory with very limited practical sessions. With Virtual Reality, they can learn how the universe and the solar system work through physical engagement. They can see around stars or even follow the progress of comets.

If you have been following the latest gadget news, you might know that the military is embracing virtual reality as part of their training program. From tank drivers to sniper, virtual reality will change the way we prepare for war. Soldiers can be trained in a virtual environment that resembles a real battlefield where they can even see the effects the effects of bombs and other weapons present in war. They can engage an enemy in war and know how the enemy is likely to react. This will allow soldiers to easily adapt and know how to react in real combat and other dangerous situations. This happens without the risk of serious injury or death.

As you can see, virtual reality has been spreading its wings outside the entertainment and gaming community. Most of these are not yet possible but it is believed that the world will welcome virtual reality well. Healthcare and the automotive industry are already benefiting from this wonderful technology and very soon it will be common in all the other fields, especially now that it is becoming wireless. Keep checking news related to gadgets to stay up to date and follow the progress of virtual reality.

Image credit: shutterstock