Winter Weather and your Pregnancy


Winter is one of the most loved and coldest weathers throughout the year. Some countries experience heavy and extreme winters while some countries experience very low and light winters. It is a season in which people mostly spend their time at their homes, enjoying and cuddling beside a warm fire.

Pregnancy is amongst the most precious and beautiful moments in a woman’s life. Well, who doesn’t knows about pregnancy? A heart-striking moment that cannot be expressed in words. It is a declaration of motherhood that welcomes happiness and blessings not only to a couple but also to the whole family. It is a feeling of completeness in a woman’s life, and a feeling of responsibility and matureness in a father’s life.

But being pregnant is not a piece of cake; it is a roller coaster ride with ups and downs and mood swings and stubbornness and many more. It is a combination of desiring unimaginable things and having constant mood swings.

A woman who experiences pregnancy first time is very vulnerable as they don’t know about what they should do. The couple needs to have strong binding and they should spend most of their time together so that the father can take care of the pregnant woman and can help in house chores. A pregnant woman needs lots of love and care from her partner to be happy so that the child in the womb remains healthy. The happier the woman, the healthier the baby.

Pregnancy generally endures around 40 weeks, or a little more than 9 months, as estimated from the last menstrual period to giving birth. Some women give natural birth and some give birth through C-section.

During pregnancy, women go through a wave of countless emotions and feelings which are so depressing and distressing. They begin to think of negative things more often and while thinking of delivery they are vulnerable because the pain they go through can only be understood by a mother.

The most important thing on the checklist of a pregnant mother should be the Gynecologist. Gynecologist plays a significant role in your pregnancy period. The more experienced the gynecologist the better treatment you receive.

Many women go through complications during the pregnancy period, some due to stress and tensions, and some may be due to lack of care and excessive workload. About 10 to 20 percent of women have miscarriages due to these factors as they don’t have a regular checkup with their gynecologists and thus they don’t get to know about the condition of the child in their womb.

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Winter pregnancy might seem difficult and irritating but the study shows that there are benefits of being pregnant during winter. Women are afraid to catch the flu and fever during pregnancy so that the baby doesn’t get sick but it is proven that during pregnancy, the body temperature of a woman increases and boosts up their natural thermostat, due to which women remain warm and cozy.

During the prenatal period, the immune system of women is enfeebled which attracts more viruses and diseases. That’s why women prefer to stay in homes to avoid catching a cold and flu.

Women tend to be uncontrollable and they want to enjoy and play with snow and ice but it is riskier as there are major chances of slipping which may result in miscarriages. Gynecologists prefer to avoid wearing high heels and to wear rubber flats to give equal pressure to your feet and prevent them from swelling.

Hormonal changes during pregnancy can prompt dry and irritated skin. Furthermore, changes in temperature, similar to when you switch between cold winter air and warm focal warming, can exacerbate the skin. As your bump develops the extending of the skin over your stomach may cause tingling. Wearing free garments may help forestall it, as your garments are more averse to rub against your skin and cause a disturbance. A cool shower or applying cream or lotion can help relieve bothersome skin.

Being pregnant welcomes weaknesses as a woman’s body endures the weight of another human being inside of them which results in body ache and continuous muscle pain and vitamin D deficiency. The doctors prescribe women to maintain the intake of Vitamin D from foods like fish, egg, and margarine because they are another source of vitamin D besides sunlight.

If you are spending most of your daytime under the sun to obtain vitamin D, it might be dangerous for your health as UV light rays can cause pregnancy melisma, thus it is recommended to apply your sunblock or SPF to reduce the risk.

It is also advised to exercise more during pregnancy to keep yourself and the baby fit and healthy. Maternity yoga is also preferred which can be performed indoors so you don’t have to go to a gym or yoga center.

Being pregnant is not easy and we understand the difficulties and hardships you go through this phase, but look on the brighter side of the story; soon you will be holding your newborn which you will love and admire eternally. So just relax and have a cup of hot coffee in your cabin while having an eye-catching view of snowfall.