Green Bay was coming off an embarrassing loss in Washington just a few of weeks ago, but their starting quarterback was as confident as ever. Rodgers stated that this team could run the table and win out. Well, four games after that statement, the Packers still haven’t lost a duel and are now winners of four straight.

They knew that their faith is not in their hands as they needed the Lions to slip up so they can catch them. They did that today against the Giants, and now that Week 17 matchup between these two squads will likely determine the winner of this division.

Both teams have a shot at making the postseason as that second wild card team, but they are and should be focused on winning the division. That is the only sure way to get to the Playoffs. They depend on the Bucs and Falcons and the development in NFC North.

The Packers will be hosting the Vikings next week, the same team that just got trashed at home against the Colts. The Packers do need to win that game if they want to win the division. If they lose, they have to hope for Detriot’s loss at Dallas.

If the teams do end up with the same result next week, the last game of the season in Detriot will determine the winner. In that case, we are picking the Packers to win this division. It’s just hard to bet against Aaron Rodgers in that kind of a situation. One game, to decide the winner of the NFC North. Aaron Rodgers is the guy you want to have in that kind of scenario.


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