Will Jordy Nelson Be Available For Duel With Dallas Cowboys?


Green Bay Packers had a field day in the second half of their matchup against the New York Giants. Randall Cobb and Davante Addams had both an amazing half of football as these two couldn’t be stopped by the Giants defense. They blew them out, especially in the third and fourth quarter of the duel, even without their number one option at the wideout position.

Jordy Nelson took the shot at his ribs in the first half of the game and was immediately down on the sideline. It was pretty clear that he is not going to be able to return to the field and that he was out for the rest of the match.


Nelson did spend the night at the hospital, but it seems he didn’t break a rib. Packers’ head coach Mike McCarthy said that Jordy will spend the week with the rehab group and that on Friday he should be able to tell the media more about the status of his best wide receiver.

He plans to try him out on Saturday, but not just on walkthroughs. He wants to try him out in a full practice. If he can play, McCarthy said that he will consider adding him to the team on Sunday in Dallas when the Packers visit the Cowboys.

If this was a regular-season duel, there is no doubt that coach McCarthy would sit Jordy Nelson and not even consider playing him and risk further injury. But, since it’s the postseason, it’s a do or die situation, so Jordy Nelson won’t be ruled out for this match until there is really no chance for him to be effective on Sunday in Dallas.