Will Dallas Cowboys Bring Linebacker Mark Nzeocha Back?

Source: sportsday.dallasnews.com

The Dallas Cowboys released Mark Nzeocha on Sunday, but the team plans to bring him back. Brandon George of The Dallas Morning News reports that the team wants to sign the linebacker to the practice squad if he clears waivers.

This move is not surprising at all because when we look at Dallas’ practice squad, we see three offensive linemen but there is not a single linebacker. Nzeocha made the 53-man roster initially, and he is more valuable than having so many offensive linemen on the team.

On Sunday, the Cowboys brought linebacker Jayrone Elliott from the Green Bay Packers, but they are still not set at this position. Anthony Hitchens will not play the first six games in the season, whereas Jaylon Smith cannot spend the entire game on the field every week. The team really needs one more linebacker, and Nzeocha can fill that gap.

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There is a high possibility that we will see Nzeocha on the 53-man roster very soon. The main reason for this decision is that he plays a position which is a need for the Cowboys, but he also provides special teams value. Don’t expect Nzeocha to be the starting linebacker, but he can be a handy backup on Dallas’ road to the playoffs this season.

The Dallas Cowboys will be a strong team offensively, but they will need every defensive player they can get. That is why Nzeocha is important. Do you think that this squad has a shot to win the Super Bowl this year?