Will Dak Prescott Avoid Sophomore Slump?

Source: thescarrcast.com

A sophomore slump is something that happens quite often in the NFL. There are a lot of players that shine as rookies as they are in the right spot at the right time, while other teams really don’t know much about them or how to prepare a game plan against these guys. One of those rookies that were just flat out sensational last year was Dak Prescott.

Many people are already talking about him as the franchise quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys as they have enjoyed what they saw from him last year. But, he is not the only quarterback that was good as a rookie but then later in his career has fallen off. We can just look at a guy like Colin Kaepernick, a player that was extremely praised after he took his squad to the Super Bowl but now doesn’t have a team.

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Sophomore slumps happen for many reasons. The first one is the fact that the opponents can’t prepare for you as a rookie since they don’t have a game tape of you playing in the NFL. The second one is that after you enjoyed a certain level of success, people start talking about you, you are getting a lot of attention, and you become a big target. Opposing players want to prove everybody wrong and to expose you and your weaknesses.

That can especially happen when you play for the Dallas Cowboys, a team that everybody talks about whether they are playing good football or not. They are always relevant, and people hate that about them. Prescott has shown great poise in his first year, but that’s when he had no expectations to meet. Now he has, and we’ll see how he responds to the challenge.