Will Big Cass Be Enzo’s Attacker?

Source: forbes.com

Enzo and Cass were huge in the NXT, and many people believed that they are going to take the main roster by the storm. They have been over with the fans since day one as everybody knew who they are. Cheers that they got then, and are still getting from time to time, are undeniable. There is no doubt that the fans love them.

Still, it kind of feels that they are being wasted on Raw. The momentum that they once had is long gone, they haven’t been a serious threat to the Raw tag titles. It just seems that Enzo and Cass are not moving in the right direction. This storyline with the attacker of Enzo Amore is something that is at least intriguing. It gives them something to do.

Source: usatoday.com

There are speculations and reports about who could be the one that attacked Enzo Amore a couple of weeks ago. Some of those reports are indicating that Cass might be the guy responsible for it. Would this be a good move?

Well, in our opinion, probably not. Big Cass is still not somebody that we can imagine as a heel right now. There are a lot of superstars on Raw that are due to be pushed ahead of him so it just seems that he would be lost in the shuffle if he was the one who attacked his partner. Raw is a bit top-heavy right now, and we are not sure how the company would use Big Cass at this point.

There is no doubt that he is going to get a big singles push sooner or later, but it just seems that this is not the right time for that.