Will Aaron Rodgers Get Packers Back To Winning Games On Sunday?


NFC North has been one of the most interesting divisions in the past couple of weeks. Sadly, it’s not because all of the teams were playing good football like the squads in the AFC West do. It’s because neither of them can play with consistency. Packers are not nearly as good as everybody expected them to be and they have fallen short of everyone’s expectations.

Luckily, it’s not too late for this team. The season is just starting for Vikings, Lions, and the Packers as they are locked in the tight battle for a divisional crown. They are pretty much tied up right now, with Minnesota having the slight lead that doesn’t mean a thing. All of these teams will meet at least once more this year, and those matches are going to be crucial.

For the Packers, this duel is also really important. They still have time to rebound from their subpar first half of the season, but they need to start turning things around as soon as Sunday Night. Aaron Rodgers has had a decent year even he has not been as good as we are used to seeing him. Clearly, this man is still the best player of this team and is more than capable of leading the Packers to win on Sunday.


This Redskins defense is not one of the best in the NFL and Rodgers is going to put up a lot of points on the board. The question is whether or not this Green Bay defense can step up and make a couple of good plays in order to keep their season alive. We know Rodgers is going to show up and perform marvelously in Nation’s Capital on Sunday Night.