7 Reasons Why you Should Go Solar in 2024


Renewable energy has been the number one topic in recent years. The number one reason for that is primarily global warming, the progress of which we must slow down or eliminate, and the other reasons are of environmental nature, ie not to pollute nature and to use all possible benefits that it offers us.

So in nature, we can find several renewable sources that replace those of regular energy sources. Wind, solar, and rainwater are used as substitutes for gas, oil, and electricity. As the most used alternative of these three is the sun, you wonder why?

On average during the 365 days on planet earth, there are close to 235 sunny days, and the remaining 130 are attributed to rainy, cloudy, and snowy days. So despite so many sunny days on average, it is a pity not to use this renewable energy source in our homes.

This source is especially used in places near the zero degrees of the planet where during most of the year the temperatures are high, the days are sunny, and that is what they need to take the solar energy and use it.


Experts say more and more people are opting for such a change. Above all, it is the environmental awareness that awakens the events that occur as a consequence of global warming, and after all, it is the desire to take advantage of all the benefits that nature offers us, which we were not aware of until now that we can use as benefits, for the functionality of our homes. If you’re considering the benefits of solar energy, now is the perfect time to get solar now with Blue Raven Solar.

Got the idea to move from traditional energy sources to renewables? Wondering what are the best reasons why you should switch to renewable energy?

There is no need to create additional dilemmas and ambiguities anymore because Rpsea brings you the top 7 reasons why you should switch to solar energy as soon as possible.

Follow us to the end of this article after which you will need to take action and implement the change in your home.

  1. The number of sunny days in the year increases – as the years go by our planet has more and more sunny days during a calendar year. It may not be good for the Arctic ice, which is melting and losing its mass, but there is something good in all the bad. That is, a large number of sunny days can be used to collect energy that can be used by households. The benefit is especially available for the northern parts of the planet where during the summer the day lasts longer, the sun is more accessible and they can literally save by switching to solar panels. This benefit is available to all of us so we must seize it as best we can.


  1. Switching to solar energy will protect the planet from global warming – if we draw a parallel between what the planet does for us and what we do for it, we can see that it gives us life and we give it nothing. Now is the time for us to think a little about the planet and return it for all the goodness it gives us. It is time for us all to switch to solar energy. In this way, we will stop using all the traditional energy sources that in some way pollute nature and we will give the planet space to rest and renew itself.


  1. From you begins the change that will then continue with your loved ones and other people – solar energy is an occasion for change. Change starts with you and your home. and will continue with your extended family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and other people in your city. This is a change that is good for the wallet, and even more good for nature and slowing down global warming.


  1. This is an investment that you make once, and you will feel its benefits for many years – if you are wondering if there is an investment that will both improve your living and save your budget, then it is definitely this investment. All you have to do is set aside some of your savings, get the equipment you need, and put it in your home so you can move on to the cool family. Just make sure the equipment is of good quality and well placed, and if you are looking for quality equipment and great tips for your solar transfer then go to the experts from Harness Power who are experienced in this field. Start the change that will start with you and continue with others.


  1. Consider an Electric Car as Well – Although we are primarily talking about solar panels in this article if you really want to make the difference consider buying an electric car as well. While solar panels for your home is great, you spend every day commuting and it is important that we do everything we can to reduce the emissions. Applegarth suggests that if you are going to buy an electric car, you will need an EV charge point as well. This might be a major investment at first, but once you make the switch everything will be easier for you and you will never have to make another stop at a petrol station!


  1. By implementing solar panels you will show your responsibility to this planet – each of us has our own responsibilities in life, but we also have something in common. There is one common responsibility for all of us, and that is the environment and the planet we live on. By implementing these installations in your home you will say thank you to the planet for everything it has ever done for you, but you will also protect it from additional pollution.


  1. You will be part of a great environmental mission to save the planet – this is not just a way to save, this is a great rescue action for the planet. If change starts with you, it will continue. The sun is the new source and choice for each of us that benefits us, but also the planet Earth. A great option for each of us – budget savings and changes for a clean planet. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

New times bring new habits that are not so good, but hope still exists, still, there are good habits and solutions like this example with which we do something good for ourselves, for our children and future generations, for our budget and of course for the future on the planet. Let’s change the habits together, because only then will we see the good sides of the new changes.