The brand image is the representation of a company (or organization, institution) perceived by the consumer. The term branding is also used to describe the brand image. The messages related to the brand are conveyed via the Internet, the media, print.

  • No matter how good your business is, let’s be honest, visual messages are usually the most effective way to capture the attention of your audience and generate brand recognition, as long as you implement these aspects correctly.
  • By including elements of this type in your overall marketing strategy, it will help the long-term success of your brand.
  • There is no denying that today’s marketing world becomes increasingly visual, and must be able to adapt to that strategically.

What is brand visual identity and why is it so important?

Visual identity is a set of graphic elements that align with the message that a brand communicates and ensures that its image is consistent and consistent.

Today, there is no company that can position itself in the market and be recognized without having a visual identity because the world in which we live, information travels constantly and almost instantaneously in the form of an image and not like that, as text. An image is understood and absorbed in people’s minds more quickly.

Imagine that the visual identity did not exist and that every time you have to present your brand you must tell orally or textually all that it means, it would not be comfortable for you and the members of your company or comfortable for consumers.

Therefore, the importance of having a strongly defined visual identity will help you make your brand recognized and differentiate yourself from your competitors. It also generates expectations and associations in people and do not forget that this makes it remembered and at the same time it stands out. For more on visual identity check

Brand identity involves all moving parts that together represent how your product is perceived and includes the visual components of it.

The importance of knowing your audience

Your visual strategy begins with the understanding of who your audience is and who you are trying to attract. Keep in mind that the visual aspects of your brand are not for you. They are for your clientele, so be certain to for all time keep this in mind. Understanding your wishes and needs will help you identify how you should appear before them.

How to make your brand visual identity stand out?

Be unique: You must distinguish yourself from the competition. Now, to be effective with this, you must have a deep understanding of who the competition is and what your brand visual identity is too.

Make everything match: Each element of your visual brand should be consistent and linked effortlessly.

Things to consider creating a strong brand visual identity

Get the right logo

You may have to go through many revisions and attempts, but it will be worth it. Your logo will be used in everything you do, so be sure to do it right. Your personality should shine through it and should be what reflects your being without pressure.

Graphic elements of a visual identity

According to brand consultancy firms, the visual identity of a company is designed based on explicit graphic components that will influence the visual style such as colour, typography or font types, shapes and symbols among others, and that will serve, as I told you before, to represent your brand.

Choose a font that matches your brand’s personality

Along with your colour palette, you should be aware of the source you use, as you can say a lot about the type of business it is.