Why Should Entrepreneurs Employ an Executive Assistant?

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Successful entrepreneurs often put a huge emphasis on who they surround themselves with – often seeking people with certain qualities such as drive, enthusiasm and versatile – all who will naturally aid the overall success of a business.

The abilities and contributions of a team often determine the overall outcome of a project – yet there is normally one position (one very important position) that is often overlooked; the role of the executive assistant.

I’m not referring to someone making the teas and coffees, opening up mail and taking phone calls. I’m referring to an individual that is well placed in the business, can drastically enhance productivity and overall business success. Someone who can compensate for weaknesses, increase organization and enhance professionalism.

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Whilst it is true that with today’s tech advancements a lot of entrepreneurs are turning to digital programs to manage their day and productiveness – nothing compares to a killer executive assistant.

Here are a few reasons why filling this position should be a must

  • Expand productivity

I’ll use myself as a case study here. Since hiring my assistant my productivity levels have sky-rocketed (however, I had to grind my teeth before simply ‘letting go’ of control – but by doing this, my E.A has been able to do her job which is really helping me do mine).

My assistant has become somewhat of an extension of me. She schedules my time with meetings, she’ll advise me of current events going on in my business and she’s continually syncing data in my calendars and emailing me with important information. She’ll handle the smaller tasks so that I can focus on the bigger picture and this really, really helps.

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It’s worth noting though, this position does require trust and integrity on both parts. I was apprehensive at first, but 4 years on, I wouldn’t change my decision for the world.

  • An Executive Assistant complements weaknesses

Whilst most (normal) people prefer to not dwell on their weaknesses – awareness of them is important – especially when choosing someone for the role of E.A. For what you lack in skills, you’re looking for in your next E.A. Example; I am shocked at replying to emails (really, really bad) so I wanted my E.A to have this covered and therefore looked for this trait at interview level.

Another one of my ‘weaknesses’ is time management and I’m sure a lot of other entrepreneurs can resonate with this. Hiring my executive assistant made sure that I was on time for meetings, kept to appointments and I know where I am on a daily basis.

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  • Prestige

This one’s a little snooty, but having an executive assistant screams prestige, It can really bolster professionalism and how other companies perceive your brand and this was echoed by contracts that I gained after making the plunge to make the hire.

A real (unexpected) benefit of hiring an assistant came from the amount of respect I received from peers in the business world. If a person is willing to work through my E.A I found that they inadvertently made more time for me – and that’s something that has continued to be a huge benefit in all areas – especially when building relationships.

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