Why Shinsuke Nakamura Shouldn’t Be In MITB Match

Source: sportingnews.com

Money in the Bank match is always one of the must-see battles in the calendar year for the fans. Six men are fighting for a shot at the WWE Championship. But, the winner is going to be the one that can pick when he is going to cash it. It is almost guaranteed that the man who wins MITB briefcase is going to become the next WWE champ.

Usually, the heels win this match as cashing in MITB in the best situation for the one that has it is kind of a heel tactic. Still, there are some faces that win it, but that doesn’t happen often. Now, Nakamura is not a heel, he shouldn’t win it. As a matter of fact, he shouldn’t even be in that match.

Source: wwe.com

Even if Nakamura wins it, his style is not to cash in when a champion is wounded. That is one of the reasons why he shouldn’t be in the competition. The other reasons are the fact that he should be just built up through big feuds and big matches. He doesn’t need the title right now, the company should wait until Wrestlemania and the match with Styles where he should win the belt.

Right now, Nakamura needs big feuds and big duels with guys like John Cena or even Randy Orton for him to show all of his moves and his character. There are still fans to whom he is a big mystery, and the WWE should be focusing on putting him in the best position to succeed in the future. This guy doesn’t need the belt right now, he doesn’t need to win Money in the Bank ladder match. What this wrestler just needs at this moment is to be showcased and protected.