Why Shinsuke Nakamura Should Win WWE Title At Summerslam

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On this past edition of the Smackdown Live, we have seen Shinsuke Nakamura defeat John Cena to book his place in the WWE Championship match at Summerslam against Jinder Mahal. The win didn’t really come as surprise as Nakamura is still undefeated on SD Live and that is how it should stay for a very long time. Now, he will be in his first WWE title match at the biggest show of the summer.

Jinder Mahal’s title reign really hasn’t been an exciting one. Even though the company has protected him since he won the belt, he won most of his matches cheating. Some would say that heels should do that, which is true, but not all the time. If you don’t have any clean victories, how are the people going to believe that you are a credible champion?

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Heels should use all the shortcuts in the book, but they should also look good and strong. Jinder Mahal hasn’t really looked that way. Now, he is going to be fighting Nakamura and he shouldn’t be the one to give the first main roster loss to the King of Strong Style. Jinder hasn’t done much with the title, while that loss would hurt Nakamura’s aura on the blue brand a lot.

After winning the title, Nakamura should probably be the one to go into the Wrestlemania 34 as the champion where people are going to want to see him defend the belt against The Phenomenal AJ Stlyes. That is a dream match for many fans and a big money fight for the WWE. Not having that at the grandest stage of them all would be throwing money down the toilet. That is why Nakamura should win the belt at Summerslam and hold it all the way until he meets with AJ Styles.