Why Kurt Angle Return Was A Failure

Source: metro.co.uk

After 11 years since he wrestled his last match in the WWE ring, Kurt Angle made his return on the Tables, Ladders and Chairs pay per view. He was a last minute sub for Roman Reigns who was out of the match because of the illness that is plaguing the main roster right now. The announcement came down on Friday, and everybody was excited to see the Hall of Famer back in the ring.

While the casual fans were just flat out thrilled that he was chosen to be the replacement for the Roman Empire, the smart fans were questioning whether or not this was a waste of the big return that was 11 years in the making. In the end, that is just what it was.

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Kurt Angle coming back is a huge draw, and the company should have saved that for a big moment. Instead of that, they panicked since Roman couldn’t go and they wasted his big comeback match. Him wrestling for the first time in over a decade at Mania would have been much better than him being in this circus main event of the failure of a PPV event.

He came out with Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins with the Shield uniform on instead of coming down to his own theme music and on the ramp. That was a big miss booking for the WWE. Then, they also had him out for the most of the match after he got put through a table by Braun Strowman.

He did make his heroic return just to put The Miz in the Ankle Lock and give him the Angle Slam. That was about it, and that is why him coming back should have been saved for a moment where it would actually make sense for him to return and wrestle on a much bigger stage.