Why It Is Called ‘Beauty Sleep’ When You Wake Up Looking Like A Troll?

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The term “beauty sleep” means having enough, sound sleep that makes you look fresh, and has a good effect on your mental health. Sleep requires a good and comfortable environment. So why does it is called “beauty sleep” when you wake up looking like a troll? The answer to this question is that you might not have a comfortable bed and your surroundings were maybe noisy, so you didn’t get “beauty sleep” rather you woke up looking like a troll with tossing and turning throughout the sleep time. Sleep is necessary for a living body and for its brain to perform its functions properly; it directly can affect our mental and physical health. So, now a day’s money apart from buying you a good bed is buying you a good sleep too with a wide variety of comfortable products.

Products Providing You Beauty Sleep

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As we all know our bed along being a major part of our home décor also affects our sleep. Different age groups require different specifications to their bed. Elders might have back pains or joint pains. Toddlers usually like colorful beds. Teenagers are attracted to animated bed designs. Apart from design, the comfort level of the bed matters the more. Your body must feel comfortable with the bed, and it should not make you feel pain at any angle or position.


After bed lets come to your mattress. Think, can you have a sound sleep with a stiff and uncomfortable mattress?  If you are suffering from the back pain, then you should probably buy a mattress which provides support to your back. If you are concerned about maintaining body temperature during sleep, you should buy a mattress that provides airflow. There are also such mattresses available which can control the percentage of O2 and CO2 while you are asleep hence providing you with fresh air. California king memory foam mattress by Nectar works with all types of beds no matter what type of frame your bed has. It provides your body with ideal support for any position with its pillow top and most amazingly, you can have a 365 days trial period with forever warranty to make sure whether it is what you required or not. It comes with free shipping and easy return options. It sounds pretty cool! So, while choosing your mattress, you should definitely decide full mattress dimensions as they come in so many sizes.

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After bed and mattress, next is your pillow. The angle of inclination between your neck and bed is most important, and it is decided by the height of your pillow. Your pillow must be soft as it is controlling the pressure on your back head. The cotton or polyester in the pillow must be non-allergic. If your pillow is stiff and makes you uncomfortable in your sleep time, then you will definitely wake up looking like a troll and annoyed.


We all love to sleep in a smooth and soft blanket. It should not be slippery and should be according to the temperature your body needs. So, use the quality blankets made with smooth fabrics, that can give you comfortable and soothing sleep.


Other products may include bean bags, sleeping pads; lamp etc. Level sleep partner program by level sleep company is providing a wide variety of sleep products. Their products are clinically tested and proven. Their trained experts advise patients in maintaining spinal alignment during sleep which helps them reduce turning, tossing and hence achieving a happy sleep time.

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The significance of Bedroom and Its Decoration

As mentioned earlier, your surroundings do affect your sleep. When it comes to your bedroom, it should be clean and cozy. The temperature of the room should be moderate. The color of the walls, the light of your lamp, the color of the curtains all these factors affect the human mind. Rugs too are a major home décor product. Bedroom rug size should be kept in mind while choosing appropriate rugs. Wovenlyrugs is providing its customers with best and stylish rugs in all sizes.

Mental Health and Sleeping Tips

In this modern age, there is no easy cure for depression and anxiety. A person’s mental health should be stable to acquire a sound sleep. One should have good sleep hygiene and should follow a better sleep guide. By sleep hygiene, we mean healthy activities and practices to acquire a good sleep. It is so important to practice good sleep hygiene as good sleep habits are essential for physical and mental health. Good sleep hygiene includes the use of essential oils for sleep, good mattress and any other products which are affecting your sleep.

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Our whole day is affected by sleep time. Bad sleep time will lead you to a bad day at work, school or home. Individuals having a problem in sleeping should attend seminars on sleep education. Do not spend too much time on your laptops, phones or tablets before sleeping because the light from these devices affects our sleep and hormones too! On the other side, oversleeping can cause many problems too. It can make you go lazy and less productive at your work. We all should have basic sleep education to fulfill our sleeping needs.


Having a sound sleep can reduce many problems including problems affecting your mental health. All you need to do is to buy the right products. If you do not want to look like a troll when you wake up from a sleep follow a proper sleeping schedule, let the problems and harshness of life not affect your sleep. Make sure your environment is good enough to make your sleep a “beauty sleep”. Lack of sleep can cause long term health consequences including chronic diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, and other heart diseases. Just give yourself the proper time and live a content life! So, do not wake up looking like a troll rather have a good sleeping time and enjoy a “beauty sleep.”