5 Reasons Why is Working out at Home as Effective as the Gym


Considering that the COVID 19 pandemic changed the way we function, many governments around the world started advising people to exercise at home. It is a known fact that exercising has numerous benefits on the overall health of people and considering that we still need to practice social distancing, it is necessary to find ways to work out at home and do everything we can for our health. Here are the reasons why working out that home can be as effective as working out in the gym.

  1. It can be equally intense

Working out at home doesn’t mean that you will be just sitting around. Even though you don’t have all the equipment that gyms do, you can start sweating pretty fast if you want to. If you usually train with dumbbells in the gym, you can easily get a few for yourself and train at home. Check out the reviews of the best dumbbells here bestpickpro.com. Simply stick to that number of repetitions and be persistent.

You can either perform the exercises you usually do or you can create some new exercising routine that will keep you engaged and inspired. There are really no limitations to what you can do. The gym is not the only place where you can work on your muscles, it can be your kitchen, living room, or the bedroom. It is only important to be persistent and don’t skip the exercises.

This is the only way to achieve the results you want.

  1. The home workout will challenge you equally


If you are one of those people who will say that no workout is good enough as the one in the gym because of the equipment, you will soon realize that you were wrong. Working out at home can be very effective and challenging. Instead of the equipment, you can use your own body weight and see how your muscles get defined. If you create a good exercise routine, you will burn calories easily the same way as you did in the gym. Set your fitness goal and work towards achieving it.

If you have clear goals in mind it will be a lot easier for you to choose the exercises that will help you achieve it. You will soon realize that you even love it more because it’s much easier to exercise when you don’t have to drive to the gym and waste a lot of time. Instead, you can exercise at home and use the time after to have a bubble bath, read a book, spend some quality time with your kids and your partner, or simply relax watching TV.

  1. You will challenge yourself

The reason why so many people don’t manage to achieve their goal is that they think that that trainer is too harsh to them. However, when you are your own coach, there are no obstacles to achieving success. It can motivate you to learn a lot about your muscles and your nutrition so you can maximize the results and also stop making excuses for not being able to achieve your goal. When you’re working out that home you may achieve even better results because there will be no distractions – just you and your mat. Learning about the way body works is very interesting. Once you start understanding why is important to perform certain exercises, it will be easier for you to do them even if they seem too hard for you.

  1. It is very creative

Working out at home can be very creative because there is no strict program to stick to. You can dance one day, then switch to yoga, continue with cardio, then do a resistance training and basically everything else that you would like to try. The Internet is full of various exercising programs, videos, tutorials, and explanations, so it is only up to you what you will choose. You can opt to join an online workout program like Warrior Babe if you want to spice up your routine. Having the freedom to create your own program is amazing and many people didn’t even realize how many things they can do at home. Being focused on the gym may narrow down your interests and decrease the chances of discovering your potential.

  1. You will be more relaxed at home

The fact that you don’t need to worry about your appearance will help you relax and focus solely on achieving good results. Also, not having distractions around you will certainly help you to focus on what you’re doing. Every exercise matters and it will add up to the overall result that you are trying to achieve. You should know that you will notice results very quickly in a matter of are a few weeks, which is certainly great and it will have a huge impact on your confidence and motivation.


Gyms are often full of people with different goals and being in a crowd is not recommendable at this time. Some people simply don’t want to waste time chatting around when they come to the gym because it can be too tiring and distracting. This is why working out at home can be a pretty practical solution. In addition, knowing that you are the only one working out with your equipment at home would keep you at ease because you won’t need to worry about germs and viruses. Once you realize how fun it can be to exercise at home, you will never go back to the gym again.

Being able to work out whenever you like without any preparations, getting ready, packing things, driving to the gym where so many people circulate is very liberating. You won’t think about making excuses anymore, but you will use your time wisely and be proud of yourself every time you finish the workout the way you wanted to. With so many apps and videos online, the choice is really enormous and with a little research, you will easily find what you were looking for. There are numerous apps that will even remind you to start your practice.