Why Celebrities Use Personal Trainers – It’s Not Why You Think!

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Before you say to yourself “who cares” there is more to the idea that most celebrities work out with a personal trainer. Keep in mind, these are people who can afford to (seemingly) do whatever they want!

There are real world reasons why celebrities like to use personal trainers for their health goals, and it’s all about maximizing your efforts.

Get on a Schedule
Joining a gym and going regularly is amazing. If you’re able to do find the internal motivation and self-discipline to train yourself, you are certainly in the minority!

Any of us join a gym, go for a few workouts and then slowly let the membership collect dust. It’s natural, and when there aren’t really any repercussions of not going, it’s easy to give in.

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A personal trainer at the very least, gives you a schedule on a weekly basis when you know 100% you will be working out. The financial repercussions of not going should be all the motivation you need, let alone the desire to work hard and get fit!

This is a much bigger deal than it seems. Making working out part of your schedule is the first step to getting real results, because it’s going to take time, and you need to make sure that fitness becomes part of your regular routine.

Maximize your Efforts
When you need results fast, you need professional help. That is exactly what personal tainers are there for. To help you make sure that every minute you spend working out, you’re doing it right.

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That doesn’t mean personal trainers are there to scream and yell and intimidate you into working hard. They’re there to help you train smart, and therefore maximize your workout efforts.

You don’t have to be a celebrity to feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day. However, when it comes to working out, many celebrities, musicians and other entertainers need to get in shape for a specific event or movie in a short period of time.

There is no shortage of stories of actors and actresses undergoing massive weight fluctuations and for roles.

Chris Pratt dropped an incredible 60 pounds for his role as Star Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy! There was no easy way to get there in a mere 6 month window, and ‘with the help of a personal trainer and nutritionist’ he worked out three or fours hours a day and rank lots of water.


Personal trainers do much more than just motivate. They help you plan and reach goals that would be very difficult to do otherwise. While not everyone can afford celebrity personal trainers, working with a personal trainer in your area can help you look, and feel your best.

For many of us, even working out with a personal trainer for a few weeks can be life changing. Getting proper instruction and coaching can help fuel your desire to work out and improve your fitness.

Combine your desire with professional help, and the results are sure to pay off!