Why Is Asia A Priority For LinkedIn Corp (NYSE:LNKD)


According to a blog post at Forbes.com, LinkedIn Corp (NYSE:LNKD)’s CEO Jeff Weiner wants his site to link each member of the global workforce. Asia forms a large part of that force, and the global economic activity is rapidly increasing there. Hence, the continent is right up there in the professional network’s scheme of things.

Weiner sees Linked connecting all the world’s workers, firms, and educational establishments together. This vision is by no means unachievable. The professional networking site already has over 364 million registered members globally. Many users leverage the site to have a professional presence and discover opportunities.

LinkedIn has only 68 million members in Asia. This is a small number taking into account Asia’s massive population and increased economic relevance globally. LinkedIn accounts for over 50% of the globe’s knowledge workers. However, less than a third of Asian knowledge workers are members of the professional networking site.

In certain Asian regions, LinkedIn is ramping up its user base at a fast pace. Presently it has 13 million members in the Southeast Asian region which is more than two times the numbers there in the mid of 2013. Right know it has more than 20 million members in India. This is a rapid jump from a 20 million figure just two years back.

LinkedIn has struggled in China. In 2013, LinkedIn had just 3 million members which is minuscule considering China’s vast population. LinkedIn began moving majorly in China the following year. The site’s Chinese version was launched. It allied with two leading Chinese venture companies both having connections needed to get through China’s difficult regulatory environment. In the case of China, LinkedIn also concurred with government censorship regulations.

These measures boosted membership in China to around 8 million this year. China and Asia as a whole hold vast opportunities for LinkedIn. The company is strategically positioned and well prepared to exploit the same to the hilt.

Source: forbes.com