Why AJ Styles Appearing On Raw PPV Is A Bad Idea

Source: www.sportskeeda.com

There have been a lot of news that broke out on a Friday evening. First of all, the fans were shocked when they found out that Roman Reigns is not going to be in the main event of the Tables, Ladders and Chairs and that we are not going to have The Shield back for one more fight. Instead of him, equally shocking, by the way, Kurt Angle is going to be the one to take on the team that is led by The Miz.

The other big change to this event is going to be AJ Styles stepping in from the Smackdown Live brand in order to face the Demon King Finn Balor. This is a big-time match that we didn’t expect. It is going to be a great battle for sure, but does that mean that WWE made the right choice here? Actually, it’s not.

Source: tjrwrestling.net

AJ Styles vs. Finn Balor sounds like a Wrestlemania worthy match, but the company is actually going to give it away here without any kind of a build for it. No storyline was presented, some of the casuals might not know that it is even happening at the pay per view.

Furthermore, this is not really good for the brand split. If you decided to have two separate rosters, you should stick with that. WWE needs to make sense of why AJ is battling on the Raw-branded pay per view.

And finally, how do you book this match? Who do you have to take the pinfall here? Is Styles going to just come on the TLC and beat the guy that is actually supposed to be on the show? Is Balor just going to pin a guy like AJ Styles that is likely going to challenge for the WWE Championship next? Really tough spot for the booking team.