Who’s Going To Win The Wild Card In The NFC East?


Philadelphia Eagles have made a statement on Sunday. They are not going anywhere, and they will fight until the end. Eagles have their weaknesses, but they are having a great season considering their lack of weapons on the offensive side of the ball. Redskins are also alive in this division, but Eagles victory is not a good thing for them. And neither it is for the Giants.

Just when they thought that Eagles are going to fall off, they have beaten Atlanta on their home turf. Now, the pressure is on Giants who are playing the Bengals tomorrow. All of these teams are good and maybe even better than some squads that are leading other divisions. Yes, we are talking about you Texans. And you Minnesota.


Still, we think that the New York Giants are the best team behind the Dallas Cowboys. Dak Prescott and company are going to win this division unless they collapse in the second half of the season. Giants are the best offensive team out of these three, and our prediction is that they are going to be successful in winning the wild card spot.

All of these squads will finish with at least 8-8. That’s what the Eagles will most likely achieve. We see Redskins winning nine games this year, while Giants are going to win at least ten. Dallas should stay on top of this division with 12-4 record and Giants will join them in the Playoffs.