Who Is Going To Beat Brock Lesnar?

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Ever since the company decided that Brock Lesnar is going to be the one to beat the streak that made The Undertaker one of the greatest of all time, they have been booking The Beast Incarnate like a true monster. He never really lost a match by getting pinned until Bill Goldberg did it at Survivor Series.

Yes, that does take away a bit out of his image as the unstoppable force, but whoever is the next one that beats Brock clean is going to get a big rub off of him. It would have been even greater if Goldberg didn’t show up, but still, Lesnar is a big deal, and any battle that has him involved is a huge showdown.

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Right now, he is the Universal Champion and will defend his title for the first time at the Great Balls of Fire pay per view. He is a part-time talent, so that means that he is not going to be at most Monday Night Raws. When he does show up, you know that it is a big deal. As soon as he won the title, the questions started about who is going to be the one to beat him. Well, we are going to tell you who we think should be the one to take him down and who is actually going to do it.

As far as who should do it, it is Braun Strowman. They have done an amazing job with him, and he is red-hot as a heel right now. With all this momentum, he should be the one to benefit from beating Brock Lesnar. As far as who will be picked to do it, it is going to be Roman Reigns. They are finding ways to make Roman look even stronger, and something that he still hasn’t done is beat Brock. There were even rumors that these two will be the main event of WM34, so Roman is a clear-cut favorite to do it.