When will the new highly anticipated “White Collar” season be released? When will USA Network make an official announcement about the series? How sure can we be that the seventh season is ever going to see the light of day? We believe many of you are asking yourselves these questions and we bet you’re getting impatient waiting for the answers.

First of all, let’s take a moment and remember some of the most important facts about this TV drama, for those of you might have forgotten some details. Believe it or not, it has been seven years since “White Collar” was first released on the USA Channel. And the series has been winning over more and more fans ever since. Everyone wants to get to know more about the intelligent con artist Neal Caffrey (played by Matt Bomer) and whether the FBI department of “white collars” will manage to cope with various crime mysteries. When it comes to critics, the series has received more than satisfactory reviews from the very first episode. Over the course of the past seven years, the drama aired six complete seasons, last of which was delivered in December 2014. The final episode of the sixth season left us wondering whether Neal left New York never to return or not. Thus, the seventh season is so long-awaited for a reason.

Unfortunately, we have some bad news. The “White Collar” producers have announced that they decided to make the Season 6 the last one. We are not familiar with the reasons that made them give up on the series revival, but they only confirmed that there won’t be Season 7.

However, every cloud has a silver lining, right? The “White Collar” cast members, including Matt Bomer, Tim DeKay (Peter Burke), Willie Garson (Mozzie) and Tiffani Thiessen (Elizabeth Burke), would just love to go back to working on the series, even if that means making only a two-hour movie as a sequel. Garson explained how they felt about “White Collar” saying: “We’ve all gone on to other jobs and we talk about, ‘Man, this is not what we had over there!” So, there still may be something to hope for. Follow us for any new piece of information about your favorite TV show.



  1. If Prison Break could do it, I can’t see the reason White Collar couldn’t. Man I miss that show..


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