Which Big Free Agents Are Still Looking For A New Team

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Most of the big names on the free-agent market have found their new home. Guys like Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffery, Martellus Bennett and many more players have switched teams and are ready to make an impact for their new squads. But, there are still a couple of guys that don’t know what their future holds.

Tony Romo – He is one of the two big names that we are going to talk about. The Cowboys first wanted to let him go, then changed their mind as they wanted to get something in return for him. Jerry Jones looked for a trading partner, couldn’t find one, and now he is going to be released.

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There are a couple of teams that can sign him, but it’s going to be interesting which one he chooses. Houston Texans and the Denver Broncos seem like a legit landing spot for this veteran quarterback as they have a lot of good pieces on their roster, but lack that big-time signal caller that can make plays all season long. That is where Romo jumps in, at least when he is healthy.

Adrian Peterson – Out of all running backs, Peterson is one that still doesn’t have a new team. Even though he is one of the all-time greats, it seems that nobody wants to take a flyer on him because of the injuries that he had in the past.

He is not worth a lot on the market right now, and any squad that wants to take a shot and signs him up is in for a low-risk/high reward situation. Somebody will roll a dice on AP.