What you Need to Know about the Technology Behind mSpy

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Whether you are a dedicated boss overseeing hundreds of different traveling employees or you are a watchful parent trying to keep a vigilant watch over your child, there is no better way to do so than with the technology behind mSpy. mSpy is basically a mobile monitoring app that can be installed on a variety of different devices. While the software initially started out as a modern mobile monitoring device, it has adapted over the years and can now be installed on Android tablets, iPad devices, personal computers, both Mac and Windows, and just about any cell phone with Internet capability.

Once installed the technology behind mSpy will allow the app to remain hidden, so no one will ever know it was installed on his or her device. However, you will have to get access to the device in order to install the app. Below, you will learn more about the technology behind mSpy and what it has to offer you.


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Geo-Fencing Technology

Not only does the technology behind mSpy allow you to monitor Internet activity, but also it allows you to monitor the physical being of the device that it is installed on. For instance, geo-fencing technology is a feature that employers and parents highly value as it allows you to establish what is known as restricted areas through Google Maps. This means that if this device enters one of these restricted areas, you are going to get an immediate alert. These alerts can be sent to your e-mail address, or they can be sent directly to your online dashboard.

In addition to this, you can view logs of the device’s movement throughout the day. Whether you are tracking employees or keeping an eye on your child’s movements throughout the day, you literally won’t have a problem tracking every movement he or she makes.


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Messenger Apps Monitoring Technology

The messenger apps monitoring technology will probably be more useful to the everyday parent because messenger apps are extremely popular among younger users these days. This technology allows you to comprehensively monitor chat/messenger and social sites. Monitoring your child’s social media use will be extremely important to keeping him or her safe because there are sophisticated predators out there that can easily gain access to your child’s personal information. If your child is constantly updating his or her schedule on social media this very thought alone is extremely troubling.

The technology behind mSpy allows comprehensive monitoring of some of the most popular chat/messenger services and social media sites including SnapChat, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Line, Telegram, iMessage, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, and Tinder.


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Advanced Monitoring Technology

It goes without saying that the technology behind mSpy pretty much has standard monitoring down. With this technology you can log voice calls, e-mails, check Internet browser history, and you can even take advantage of the SMS tracker. This feature will be useful to both employers and parents. It should be pretty obvious why it is an important feature for parents. However, for the employer it allows you to actually see what your employees are up to when they are supposed to be working. Are they abusing their phone privileges and send personal text messages when they are supposed to be working? Are they constantly surfing the web? This will be extremely useful information for an employer or parent.


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Call Blocking Technology

The call blocking technology allows you to literally block incoming calls from certain numbers. Do you have a child with an undesirable friend or bad influence? You might not be able to prevent contact at school, but you can do your part to make sure they aren’t speaking on the phone.

App Blocking Technology

The app blocking technology can be extremely handy as well. It allows you to block certain apps on the targeted device. Not only can you completely block the use of apps altogether, but also you can monitor activity and messages. In fact, if you want even to go one step further, you can block the entire Internet connectivity with this technology. This is extremely important because phones are not just phones anymore. They provide a wide range of access to a variety of dangerous services like YouTube and messaging apps.