What to Expect From a Full Detailing Service


There is a difference between cleaning and detailing your car. The connotations diverge, and the processes are carried out differently, with varying outcomes. In general, cleaning your vehicle implies that all surfaces and spaces are washed and dried, but only up to surface level. Detailing, on the other hand, brings to mind the act of deep cleaning, that every surface and corner is carefully cleaned out and the car restored to a condition that is close to new. No detail left aside and no nook and cranny left untacked, hence the word detailing. The typical allusion is making one’s vehicle appear “showroom-worthy”.

Even with detailing, there are varying levels of service available for selection. You may have basic, moderate, and full detailing service options. All have certain aspects that are intrinsic to their corresponding levels. In this article, a full detailing service will include:

Cleaning and Sealing of Interior Surfaces

This step is pretty much the easiest and if everything is removed correctly a very comfortable one. Most detailers, to save time, skip a few steps and do not remove seats for instance leaving this type of work only halfway done. A good detailer will always remove everything that he can and make way into every tight space and corner to fully complete his job. Everything from the dashboard to the spaces between the seats has to be meticulously dusted, vacuumed and wiped down. Once this is done next step is to try and preserve the cleanliness as long as possible and the way you do that is by applying a sealant that will also give that sparkling finish at the end.

Seat Care


When out of the vehicle seats are piece of cake to clean, and while outside of the car you can fully grasp the amount of effort you will have to invest to make them immaculate, if possible. Seats are the first thing you see when you open the doors so they have to receive a proper in-depth care protocol. Cleaning the seats depends on the types of upholstery that is used. Cars with seats made of fabric are shampooed and vacuumed then left to dry completely before they are replaced. On the other hand, leather seats will be washed with special conditioning products, wiped clean, and dried. The proper detailer will make sure that every bit of equipment he uses is unique for the material being treated and he will treat your car as his own to maximises his results.



Carpeting cleaning can be a very grimy and dirty job and it tends to be overlooked, or halfway done even when doing a regular clean. As part of a full-service detail, carpet care constitutes a significant part of interior detailing. Certain steps should be taken when cleaning carpets and they are thorough vacuuming, air blowing all the dirt and grime trapped in the carpet fibres than vacuuming again and only at the end the detailer can use any tools that can help him to shampoo and dry the carpets completely. Depending on the detailer your carpets might receive a coat of deodorant at the end to achieve a full freshness.

After all that is done, the drying process is vital as it is the only way to prevent mould formation and the permeation of a damp smell within the car that can be incredibly difficult to dispose of.

Exterior Clean


After the interior detailing, the exterior shouldn’t let the customer down. The exterior of the car has to be fully taken care of in the same intensity as the inside of it. It all starts with an initial pressure wash rinse of the body to get rid of the loose dirt. After that, It’s all about shampoo power and detailers eye for, well, the details. A good one will never forget all the nooks and crevices on the vehicle. It should all be air blown and attacked with a small brush, and only after that, you wash the car once again. After washing, the car will be dried using a cloth before paint care is undertaken. This step includes using a clay bar to pick up any debris leftover on the paint. Minor scratches may also be eliminated. Once that is done, the polish is applied to give your car that high shine finish appearance. The polish is the final step to make your vehicle look and feel like it has just rolled off the assembly line. You should also have realistic expectations and be aware that not every exterior will be close or in showroom condition because a lot depends on the paint quality and thickness.

Accent Care and Polish

To round up the cars look manufacturers usually opt for accents around the vehicle to make it stand out just a little bit more. Those various accents and details must also receive some care and attention as they do experience some wear and tear mainly after being exposed to the elements for long periods. Bits and accents made of materials other than the metal used in the car’s general body include chrome, plastic, vinyl, and others are cleaned and polished, in the case of chrome, or have a sealant applied in the case of plastic and rubber. Plastic and rubber pieces can also be restored in colour and shine, you just have to find a detailer who knows how to do this and do it with quality materials and equipment.

Wheel Detailing


Full detailing includes the wheels and tires. With these your detailing service is complete and there is no part on your vehicle that will disappoint you or anyone else who sees it. The technician washes the wheel’s entirety before the aluminium, chrome or steel spokes are dried, and polish is applied. Simultaneously, sealant treatments are implemented on the rubber tyres, giving them a fresh, new look.

Bringing your car in for full service detailing restores your vehicle to its showroom condition and will have you feeling like it is new again. Don’t be one of those people that do these kinds of services just when you are about to sell your wheeled pet to boost its price. You should treat your car and yourself to this at least once a year. It’s one of those things that will make your car always stay in top condition, while you are always happy using it.