What is the difference between a video camera and a camcorder?


Capturing important and exciting moments of our lives has now become an unavoidable part of our almost everyday routine. You can do it with a still video camera or a camcorder. The camcorder is the later version of a still video camera and it offers better performances. So, you can say that a video camera is not a camcorder while a camcorder is also a video camera. Sometimes, there may be a built-in microphone to record audio as well on a camcorder. And it catches sound very well while a still video camera cannot do the same thing perfectly.


So, it is now clear that there are a few difference between a video camera and a camcorder but both captures videos. The core concept of the two is almost the same. A camcorder can record video with a little bit higher resolution as well while a still video camera may not do the recording as good as a camcorder. There are a lot of online resources regarding these cameras out there, that way you can get clear ideas on video cameras and camcorders there.

Yes, it is good to be clear about the two, and you have also found the exact domain name searching because at the end of the article we will end up knowing everything about a video camera and a camcorder.

So, without further ado, let’s jump into the differences between the two we need to make clear. Though their appearances are almost the same, there are a few differences like video quality, ease of holding and so many other things to discuss.

A camcorder offers better video quality than a still video camera


High definition video resolution like 720p and 1080p can be captured with a mid-level camcorder. On the other hand, with a still video camera, you can get only 720p video resolution or fewer. So, if you need to take videos with the best resolution, a camcorder should be your choice. On top of that, it offer a higher bit rate. If you are still in the dark, you can capture the same video with a video camera and a camcorder. After taking the same video, it is time to judge their quality playing the video on your computer. You will see a vivid difference between the two.

Quality of their lenses are also variable

For better magnification, lenses are used in video cameras. A still video camera available out there on the market cannot offer great zooming option. They cannot touch even 30x zooming capacity or higher. On the other hand, most camcorders have zooming capacity ranging from 30x to 60x or higher. So, in the game of zooming, a camcorder is also a winner here. So, having a higher zooming option, a camcorder can be used filming and does not catch the noise of zooming. On the contrary, a video camera catches the harsh noise of zooming.


Convenience of holding


You can hold your camcorder easily while capturing videos while it is a bit difficult to hold a video camera for a long time. Also, if you are a vlogger, it can add most benefits of holding the camcorder at the time of capturing videos. Moreover, camcorders have been made to capture videos holding it into your hands.

Also, the LCD of a camcorder can be rotated and thus helps to take videos more conveniently. On the other hand, there is no option like that. So, it is a bit inconvenient if you want to shoot yourself with your still video camera. If you are a Youtuber and want to make your own videos, this rotating LCD will help you most. We will recommend you to go here to know more about shooting videos with your camcorder for YouTube.

Sophisticated audio output

A camcorder uses internal high-quality audio microphone by which you can record your voice clearly. Besides, some top-rated camcorders have a built-in microphone to record voices clearly as well. Say, you are a vlogger and make videos regularly. If you cannot catch your voice clearly while recording videos, it will not be a good video which may engage the audience.

Let’s finish our talk

As you can see that different devices have different features and taste as well to the customer. Similarly, both a camcorder and a still video camera have a unique advantage. It is your turn to find your match which will provide more value with making videos. But in the long run, we have researched a lot and come to the final decision to purchase a camcorder instead of a still video camera.