What Is So Great About Brock Lesnar?

Source: businessinsider.com

Brock Lesnar has been one of the most protected superstars in the WWE over the past couple of years. The only guy that we can say was protected more than the Beast Incarnate over these last couple of years is Roman Reigns. Besides him, Lesnar has been put at the top of the food chain and has never looked back since he made his return. But, why do the fans like Lesnar? What is so great about him that the company pushes him?

Well, it is that look. That persona. The dominant force that he is, and it is something that brings a lot of legitimacy to the pro wrestling. He looks and acts like a guy that really doesn’t care about a single person’s well-being. Lesnar is just there to fight, collect his money, beat up on the other opponents and move on to his next target. That is what Brock is all about.

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If we had to describe someone that looks like a pure fighting machine, there is no doubt that we would have picked Lesnar. When you see him in the ring, moving so quickly and easily at that size, you have to be impressed. The combination of the strength and the speed makes him a perfect fighter.

It’s not only his look that screams legitimacy. It is also his fighting background as he has been a college champion in amateur wrestling as well as the UFC World Heavyweight Champion. When he is in the ring, you always have that in the back of your mind. There is not a single second that passes that you don’t think to yourself just how much of a beast he really is when he is in the squared circle. That is what has made Brock Lesnar so successful in the WWE. The Beast Incarnate is a perfect nickname.