What is a Bookmaker?


There are a lot of ways to pass time in this modern age. One of the most familiar and if not the oldest way of passing time and having some fun is betting. From early ages, people have organized races and fight and people gladly witnessed these and bet on the winner. People in charge of this were called bookmaker and they have stayed popular ever since. Great skills were needed to become and stay a bookmaker, and as the internet has expanded, most of the bookmakers we can see know are online and provide services and give odds of different teams winning or losing. Most of them have great judgment skills and can assess the information fast and act on it.

What does it mean to be a bookmaker?


The term as such was used only after the nineteenth century, it referred to a person who is accountable for making sure that matches are booked, bets are in, and odds true. After the match bookmaker was in charge in paying up the money to the people who have placed their bets. Bookies need to have a license and do the work legally.

Nowadays, different online services provide online betting and therefore bookmakers have crossed onto these to run the show. The job is pretty much the same as it was in the past two hundred years, with some additional tasks that need to be done.

Bookmaker has a job to adjust the odds and payments for the bidder. This means that the bookmaker needs to be well informed about the team, games and, changes so the adjustments can be true.

In addition to booking deals and handling payments, they also do some advertising and marketing. This is a regular part of their job, and it is very important since the competition in the online booking is tough and it can be very hard to stay on the top of the list.

Since they work very closely with customers they can be a part of the team that introduces innovations to the online betting websites and they in most cases assist in maintenance and repairmen of the website when needed. This is convenient since the online betting site will not profit from being down, so as much hand on board is advisable to make it up and running in the shortest time possible.


How do they work?

Let’s use an example; if you and one more person are betting on the outcome of the match, and you both place 5 dollars for the win of the opposite team, the bookmaker assists this but it also makes the odds. So before the bookie was present, the winner would take ten dollars. With the bookie, the winner takes nine dollars and the bookie takes one for his troubles. This is how changing odds works; a small amount of money always goes to the booker.

Bookmakers can change the odds and prices, and this is very common, but the reason they do this can be due to many factors that do not necessarily need to be explained. In players’ mind, when this occurs some specific reason need to exist and in most cases, the betting will be changed in accordance with that one specific part of the information. Meaning, if you have heard that there is a dispute on the team, you will most likely assume that the change made by the bookmaker is due to this, and not some other factor.

For example, if there is an injury of the player that contributes to the team win, you will focus on this piece of information and solely place bets in accordance with that, without or with very little consideration of other possible outcomes and possibilities. This can lead to a decrease in the odds of winning and also decrease the odds and the amount of betting onto the specific event. To overcome this, it is always good to do the research and check how important is the player for the win, can someone replace him, is the replacement good, is there a possibility of the replacement being a better fit for the particular game that is being played.

One other very interesting phenomenon is that happens even before bookmakers use it consciously. This means that they know that when betting you are most likely to pick a team you are familiar with, or the team that has player you know. So, more popular teams can have greater odds of winning sometimes solely on their popularity.  As bookmakers change the odds to match the following situation that is happening, it is good to take all possible information before betting. Information on betenemy.com allows you to see all the angles and additional statistics including reviews of best bookmakers.


When adjusting the prices, bookmakers will take a look at the relevant news and make a decision to change the prices. This means that the price is already lowered due to a specific piece of information and that the betters should do the evaluation of all the factors before placing their bets.

Bookmakers follow all the news closely and sometimes they will get a tip which will lead to a change in the price. This happens really fast and the change will be almost instant. In some cases, change is readjusted after they have assessed all available information regarding a specific event. This changing of odds in accordance with the events is crucial since they want the odds to meet real-life situations and outcomes.


Bookmakers have an important role in shaping the betting world and prices of bets. This role of theirs should not be taken for granted. They have a very important job in connecting the player and the betting system and making sure that everything runs smoothly. Next to making sure that odds are true to the realistic situation, they are in charge of payments of the prizes to the betters. In addition to this they have an important task to assist in the maintenance of the web site and do marketing and advertising due to the incredible amount of online bookmakers and competitions.