What do you need to know to produce Tamil music?


Are you thinking about starting Tamil music production or do you just need a few tips to refresh your memory about what it takes to record, mix and produce Tamil music? Look no further, because in this article we will focus on all the things that will help you. You will find all the main things you will need to know and do in this article to be successful in Tamil music production.


Basics of a composition

The basics of all songs or compositions are always the instruments, whether its drums, keyboards, guitar, bass, and vocals. These are basically the core of all music production and they are called tracks. The whole meaning of production of music means that you need to get the tracks/sounds together, arrange them, mix them to create a professional sound.

You can usually do production even at home on any computer, whether it’s an iPad, phone, tablet, Mac or PC.

Sequencers or DAW’s

A sequencer or a DAW is computer software that can turn any device into a music production machine. Any software that enables your computer to record, mix or master tracks is called a sequencer or Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). The price of sequencers can vary anywhere from free to hundreds of dollars or even thousands. However, the more you pay for the software the more option you will have that will allow you to do any type of mixing. There simply will be no limit to how many trucks you will be able to mix together.

If you are interested in producing Tamil music, then you need you will need some inspiration of other Tamil hits. Check out masstamilan if you want to hear some of the best Tamils songs ever created.



External sounds are sounds that are externally recorded such as acoustic instruments like guitars, pianos and violins, vocals, pianos, and guitars, and electronic keyboards. You can then arrange them any way you want in your sequencer.

The files that contain these external sounds are usually called digital audio tracks.

However, the internal sounds in music production are all the sounds that are generated by your sequencer. Most DAWs have something that’s named as “virtual instruments” that can recreate any sound. Whether the sound comes from drums, keyboards or guitars, you will be able to play that sound with the keyboard that’s connected to your computer. These sounds are also known as MIDI tracks. These notes can be easily edited and moved around by using the DAW’s editor. DAW’s usually have an easy to use interface where you can drag around notes or whole sounds around the screen.

A sample is also a type of internal sound. Samples are a digital recording of real sounds that are created and sold by some third party manufacturer. You can get specific vocal parts, melodies, drum patterns, riffs, acoustic sounds and more. You can find these types of internal sounds online for free, but to get more quality samples, you will need to fork out some money for a sample collection.

You can use all these different types of samples, MIDI sounds, external sounds and combine them or mix them to create a new Tamil hit song.