What Attracts Tourists to Spain this Summer?


Many tourists prefer to relax in Spain, being fascinated by its original culture, which harmoniously combines fiery flamenco, exciting bullfighting, lyrical serenades, the greatest historical monuments and modern architectural achievements. In pursuit of impressions, they are trying to understand what inspired Picasso, Goya, Dali and Lorca in this country to create great works.

But do not forget that people come here not only to see some sights, but also to try the real taste of Barcelona – cannabis or marijuana. For this, coffee shops or cannabis clubs were created in Spain. But, you can’t just get into the club, you need a little instruction on how to do it. This manual can be found on this site. There you can choose a suitable club from the list and then receive an invitation. It is worth saying that in order to become a member of the club, you will need to pay a membership fee. Coffee shops are very popular with tourists who come to Spain. Perhaps the most interesting city in terms of cannabis clubs is Barcelona, where you can find more than a dozen of these clubs.

As you know, Spain has the highest (after Switzerland) mountains, which makes it attractive for ski lovers. Thousands of professional skiers and amateurs come here in the winter season in order to feel the adrenaline rush and breathe in the fresh natural air.

Romantics and connoisseurs of everything great and beautiful, for sure, will prefer a city like Avila. It is enchanting with its numerous castles, ancient churches and monasteries. The historical part of the city is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. On the way to Avila, the wild bulls of Guisando, carved out of stone, bellow with anguish and see them off with a menacing look, a majestic fortress wall greets guests at the very entrance, a statue of the patroness rises in Saint Teresa Square, perpetuating her invaluable merits to the Spanish people.

Hunters for a pleasant and exciting pastime under the rays of the scorching sun and the coolness of the ocean breeze prefer island Spain. What are the Canary Islands alone with golden sandy beaches, quaint natural gardens, dynamic and enchanting underwater life. The Balearic Islands are located in the Mediterranean Sea, where lovers of water entertainment especially like to spend time.

It is paradors that attract someone in Spain – ancient manors, castles, palaces, monasteries, reborn in the guise of hotels. They were created not only to shelter tourists for the night, but also to show them the whole history, the beauty of Spain, which is not lost even after hundreds of centuries.

Adventurers in major European cities will prefer Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia. All of them are cultural, political and economic centers of the country. Their historical parts, museums with collections of paintings by great artists, pedestrian squares (Major), and national parks are noteworthy.

Spain is multifaceted. It intertwined cultures belonging to different civilizations. Some are most attracted by its architectural ensembles, the second by its varied cuisine, and the third by its thermal spas. Each person, once in Spain, will understand what exactly attracts him to it.

Our TOP resort destinations in Spain, that are attract tourists

Costa Brava


The resort coast, located in the north of the Mediterranean part of Spain. The region borders on France. We offer you to relax in the resorts of Blanes and Palamos. These settlements are distinguished by quality rest for a small amount. On the Costa Brava there are hotels of all categories. Beaches can be both sandy and rocky.

Costa Dorada


Resort located in Catalonia. This destination is chosen for family holidays. We offer tours to Spain 2020, which will pleasantly surprise you with their service. The beaches of the Costa Dorada are famous for their gentle entry into the sea and protection from the wind by the Catalan Mountains.

The Island of Mallorca


Holidays in the Spanish islands are much more expensive than the choice of destinations in the continental part of the country. But the service here is much better. Subtropical climate, warm and clear sea, white sandy beaches – all this can be found on the island of Mallorca.

Canary Islands


Another island resort where the holiday season lasts all year round. Here you will find comfortable beaches with golden sand and excellent service. Looking for a tour to Spain by the sea? Take a look at the Canary Islands.

Costa del Sol


A resort located in the southernmost region of the country. It is famous for its luxury and chic. Wealthy and famous people rest here.



One of the cities located on the Costa del Sol. Holidays in Spain by the sea in Malaga you will definitely appreciate. This is a resort with excellent beaches, the same hotels and vibrant nightlife.

Today, Malaga is a major port and a thriving seaside resort with picturesque natural landscapes, magnificent beaches, comfortable hotels and luxurious nightclubs. There are many architectural monuments of different eras, ancient churches and interesting museums, which are wonderfully combined with modern residential areas and large shopping centers. The main attractions of Malaga: the remains of the Arab fortress Alcazaba, the Cathedral of La Encarnacion, the palace of Gibralfaro, or “Lighthouse on the cliff”, the ruins of the theater of the Roman era and other objects. Malaga is a university city, a major cultural center of the region, a venue for colorful city holidays and festivals. This is the birthplace of the brilliant artist Pablo Picasso and Hollywood star Antonio Banderas, bullfighting and incendiary flamenco, high-quality wines and olive oil.



The capital of Spain and one of the most important cultural centers in Europe. Various exhibitions are regularly held here. When visiting Madrid, you are sure to find something to do.



One of the most beautiful cities in Europe. The historic center of Barcelona is included in all guidebooks for Catalonia. Here you can get acquainted with the culture of this city, enjoy a beach holiday and dine in the iconic bars of Europe.



The third largest city in Spain, will give you a great holiday. There are beaches here, but many choose Valencia for its museums. This city of Sciences and Arts will definitely appeal to lovers of cultural recreation. Vacation packages to Spain and Valencia are becoming more and more popular every year.